Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stitchery and a Sneak Peek....

I am a little behind in my Birdie Stitchery! I just finished September and December is due out tomorrow!! I am going to finish I LOVE stitching these soooo much!! I so hope there will be another!!

I also finished another block in my Winter Wonderland Quilt.

and now for a sneak peek at a Christmas Gift!!
That's all you get!!

Still time to join
The Wonky House Block Swap
Blocks Due March 1st, so something fun to work on after the Holiday rush.
And feel free to add the button and link to the post, the more members the merrier!!

Click the house for more information.


  1. Oh...I love your stitchery!!! always have!

  2. Haven't those little stitcheries been fun? Yours is darling and I love the winter one too.

  3. That's a cute little birdie..
    So neat and perfect stitches Jane.
    Julia ♥

  4. Wonderful and fun stitcheries, love doing those and small appliques as gifts.


  5. I like the snowmen. Is he throwing snow balls where did he get those.
    Like the gift one too -it's not pink why.? Lol your bird is very large next to tree. Just noticing all time for bed zzz ms

  6. Oh the tree is lovely, so is birdie.

  7. Embroidery is so fun. Yours looks great. One of these days I am going to finish my snow days quilt.
    Love those fabrics in your block.

  8. Jane I've kept your last post about the Wonky House swap marked "unread" ever since you put it up going back and forth over whether or not to do it. I love the idea and like lots of other things, I want to do it! But sanity must prevail and I know I better just keep on keepin' on with my UFOs or they're going to take over my sewing room and block the door so I can't get in. But the next time you have a swap I'm going to be first in line! :) blessings, marlene


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