Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The weather here in Illinois has just been beautiful. I love "Indian Summer"! So, we had the whole family over and my husband made a fire and we enjoyed S'mores!!


Our backyard pit area.....

Evidence of the fun.....

We also played a word gamed Banana's, super fun, just like scrabble.

Speaking of Scrabble, I NEVER go on Facebook but a friend challenged me to a game of Scrabble on Facebook. I am having a blast! No idea about the rest of Facebook but love this game.

Time to put up Halloween and Fall decorations.

Here are a few of my quilted projects.

This is a counted cross stitch hanging, that I made at least 20+ years ago, she is old and wrinkled, just like me!!

A Fall Table-runner I leave on my kitchen table all October and November.

Leaves and pumpkins, raw edged, and just tacked together for another table-topper.

My favorite, Charlie Brown, Oh how I adore Peanuts. Warm, happy memories from my childhood.

 Good Ol' Charlie Brown!

And of course my Halloween Swap Quilt.


Oh yes, the PJ's are done and now I am taking them apart. Talk about the wrong size!! The crotch was down to his knees!!! Hard to measure a 2 1/2 year old!! I am going to try again!!

Wantobe at Sewwequilt.com 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I am loving this weather too, love being able to stay outside without the heat. Wonderful fall pieces. I was thinking of using my favorite old things to make my own patterns, so they fit the way I want;)


  2. I love your leaves and pumpkins raw-edged applique table topper -- so cute! S'mores are a fun, fall must! :)

  3. Love your fall decor items. Gotta find mine soon,they are still burried under a mountain of stuff I moved to paint. Hey, crotch down to his knees--isn't that the style the teenagers are wearing? It might slow him down a bit, and grandma can catch him in a game of tag-this from one grandma to another. LOL

  4. Here in the Netherlands it is only raining these week. I love your fall decorating.greetings from liesbeth

  5. Love your projects! That stitchery is amazing~~

  6. I am so behind on my blog reading lately, and the only reason I can find is because every time I sit down to the computer I check my scrabble games first.... then the baby wakes up and I haven't had time to read blogs!

  7. LOVE S'mores and Indian Summer. You have some really great Fall little quilts. Gotta LOVE the Peanuts Gang.

  8. S'Mores in the backyard are always fun. I think it's fun to bring out old friends (quilts) each season.

  9. That raw edge table topper... Cool!

    I ***LOVE*** playing scrabble on FB...I have about eight games going at once.

  10. You said smores not SNORES lol. I think I best get busy..you are getting way too much done...lol love charlie brown quilt..the circles and leaves..love this...? Love the needlework too....wrinkles..I have no idea what those are lol

  11. I love fall decorating! I've only done a little so far because of some other obligations I have but I do have some of my favorites out. :) And making S'Mores is one of my grandchildren's favorite things to do when they come here. I know you had a blast. :) blessings, marlene

  12. Fall is always my favorite time of the year also. We used to make Smores everytime we went camping, and your post brought back many happy memories.

  13. I was captivated by the lovely pictures of Little T and Little M....oh, yes, you had some other pictures in your post! LOL Fun decorations!

  14. Great decorations, Jane - having fun and making memories is what it is all about. Judy C

  15. I love the cross stitch! I love Peanuts too - Lucy is my favourite ;)

  16. We have a fire pit too and we love to hang out and grill out dogs and marshmallows too.

  17. Love your firepit and fall goodies. Reminds me to make some smores for my Grandpeeps in the next few weeks. My firepit area looks almost identical to yours. I've put out all my fall goodness and it makes me happy. I love fall better than Christmas I think. I'm usually so tired of hot weather and decorating for fall just invigorates me.
    Gmama Jane AKA The Other Jane

  18. Enjoying your colourful post as it's Spring here and it's raining...again. With the pyjamas does the pattern allow lots of 'ease' for cloth nappies as I have been caught by this using my older patterns for grandchildren's clothes and the grandchildren wear disposables which are much, much smaller or they are out of nappies entirely. I use string to measure from child's usual front waist to back waist through the crutch, leaving it a little loose or they'll end up with 'wedgie' pants, then measure your string. If you make a game out of how big they are growing you can use different coloured strings for arm, leg etc measurements then measure these strings and afterwards put labels on them and make a dated wall hanging with them. Spare ribbon works well for this also for boys or girls,
    Have fun,


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