Friday, October 7, 2011


Sewing??? Hmmm??

Oh yes!

That is what I did before quilting!
Lined jackets, dresses, blouses, skirts, PJ's

Soooo here we have Little T...
All Mommy wanted was some jammies
Should be easy, peasy!

Here is a pattern and some fabric....

See Jane open the pattern..

See Jane try to refold the pattern and get it


back as it was!!
You need a degree in rocket science to refold these, that I remember very well!!

Hopefully you will

See Jane show...

you jammies soon!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sorry....I had to laugh at your rendition of trying to get the pattern to go back in as neatly as it came out,I have the same issues too LOL.Looking forward to seeing the end result of your struggles :) Barb.

  2. I can remember as a child watching F-Troop and Captain Parmenter has instructions on how to fold a Your comment about your pattern reminded me of this.:)


  3. I always refold mine on the original lines, I'm a bit OCD about it... it does fit better than yours, but it never goes in quite the same as when it was new LOL

  4. Cute fabric. Perhaps Mom and Little T could have matching jammies?

  5. I haven't sewed clothes in ages, but I got a simple pj pattern with tops and bottoms so I can get some practice. And since I wear them in the winter as my day wear, I figure I can make some fun ones, lol.


  6. hahaha...I haven't sewn clothing in ages! It's so boring compared to quilting I could re-fold the seperate pattern pieces, but not the whole stack together! You are so funny!...thanks for the laugh this morning! Such a cute fabric for jammies.

  7. I also came from a garment sewing background. I learned to just put all my patterns in gallon sized ZipLoc bags with the pattern cover showing against the outside. Made for a LOT less frustration!!! It was also easier to slip any tiny pattern pieces that may have gotten lost back into the correct bag! (You may not have that problem, but I was constantly finding stray pieces!)

  8. Those will adorable pjs. I am glad to hear that the pattern folding pattern isn't just me. I never did figure it matter how carefully I tried.

  9. I eliminated the problem - I just do not go there. The jammies will be so special. Judy C

  10. It's been years since I made a garment - but I think I still could. However, it would only be for a grandchild that I would tackle it. :) blessings, marlene

  11. Can't wait for grandkids to sew for!! LOL I, too, copped out and put pattern envelope and pieces into a zippy bag. Such cute fabric! Have fun!

  12. Oh I love those pj' as far as getting the pattern back into the envelope..I press them...but that is me steam....just hot press...I know...I am out of here now...I can see you reaching for something lol

  13. Oh poor Jane! I gave up those darn patterns long ago. I just make some new pj's for my son and made a simple pattern from a pair of shorts that he actaully had on at that very moment. Turned out pretty good if I do say so! I'm sure yours did too! Jenn

  14. OK, at first I thought the jammies were for you. How cool is she, I thought. Maybe a pair for little T for sleepovers. Neat. Some days I am all blonde.

  15. Don't you just hate that...the pattern never goes back the same..Just gorgeous..years since I dressmade too..

  16. I agree about trying to get the patterns back into the envelope. I've been sewing garments since i was a little girl, and I finally realized that they weren't supposed to go back in there. I use file folders after they have been cut. SOOOO much easier, especially if they are those multi-sized patterns, as I trace them onto interfacing and cut them out (just in case I change sizes, ya know). CUTE pj's!

  17. Catching up with you. It takes me forever to get around blogland anymore. Hope you and the family are well. Esp. the new baby.


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