Monday, July 11, 2011

Not Too Much.....

That is what I got done this weekend, not too much. Plenty of softball but Mommy had to leave before the paramedics arrived for heat stroke. You spend so much time caring and worrying for your child you neglect yourself. With temperatures in the 90’s and not one smidge of shade, I had to miss a few games.

Boy, it is touch getting old!

I did manage to make one block for my Bee Wonky Bee. Our member asked for wonky houses and I thought it would be fun to make a Halloween House. I sure hope she likes it!

Stay cool or stay warm, whatever your case may be!!


  1. Well if she doesn't I know someone who does and who would be thrilled with it. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Being a former ball field mom and coach - take a lawn chair with clip on umbrella, sunscreen - cold WATER to drink and a half frozen water spritz bottle - to spray yourself down or use the ice on your neck or forehead (handi first aid,too)

    I would love the block, too!

  3. Wonky houses and warm days...seeing Halloween does help cool me off a little...oh, those October nights..

  4. Love your block...I think it was a lost cause for me this week-end as well....but is all good. Hope you have recovered!

  5. Jane, your witch house is super! Your carefully thought out details are so cute! If ghosts can be that adorable I wouldn't mind them hanging out in our yard. ;)

  6. Love love love the Halloween house - your Bee partner will too!

    Keep cool! And not sunburned either! Take your own shade with a big golf umbrella and lots and lots of water... wet bandana around your neck and if all else fails - back to the AC at home... hope you feel better today!

  7. What's not to like? Super house. Judy C in NC where we wear the air.

  8. So so incredibly cute. I really love the touch of rick rack for the walk. Holy cow.

  9. Love your house and how you used ric rac for the path.

    You need a cool neck band.

    Make a couple and keep the extras in a cooler so you can swap them out. Plus, if you make extra you can sell or give them away to the other people watching their kids.


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