Thursday, July 14, 2011

Civil War Blocks.....

Oh, you wanted to see more finished Civil War Blocks?

Sorry to disappoint, but I do not have any to show!
My friend Elaine and I meet once every week or so and cut out the blocks. No, wait, reverse that, SHE cuts out the blocks, I iron the fabric (tough job but someone has to do it)!
Elaine has made, all by hand, pieced and quilted the Dear Jane Quilt. It is stunning. But as she was working on the quit she came up with a great plan to keep all the blocks organized.

I am sooo into organization, now stop that, really I am!

So, we pick a block, pick the fabrics we like, Elaine cuts, I watch!

Then we put the numbered block with the layout directions together

They go into a sheet protector

And into a 3 ring binder.

Yep, I knew I had been saving this Little Mermaid Binder for YEARS for a reason~!
All in one place safe and secure! This is going to be my take along project. You know, waiting in the car, watching sporting events, sitting on the beach (yeah, like I would quilt if I was at a beach)! I am doing mine by blocks by hand. I feel I can match the pieces better if I take my time and do not zip them through the sewing machine.

So, for right now, we are just cutting, sorting and talking as we “work”

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I wish I was that organized with mine...and that far along! I've progressed to printing out all the patterns - that's a start, right? blessings, marlene

  2. That is exactly how I did my Dear Jane blocks - which still have not been completed, but I have the faith - if I live long enough. If they are cut out and have the instruction sheet, there is no reason to not stitch them - now where did I put the binder. Judy C in NC and LoL

  3. Very organized and the Little Mermaid would make me smile.

  4. It feels so good to be organized....and you are doing a splendid job.....

  5. Everyone needs a take-along project. You ARE organized!!

  6. Great idea! I love having things in one handy place. A binder is perfect!

  7. The Fabulous Elaine here! lol Got my "new" Singer Featherweight humming again - so I think I just might tackle some of the squares! No more hand piecing and quilting for me - been there, done that! The best part of this project is spending time together while we choose fabric, TRY to figure out the pattern, iron, cut, and "bag"! Go find a quilting pal and do this - it's the best!!

  8. You are organized! Sounds like you are sew enjoying the process, and the friendship. Life, like quilting, is about making happy memories.

  9. Great idea to put them all in a binder. It is nice to have a project like this handy especially in summer time :)

  10. Awesome way to organize! I love having a take along project....I'm not good at sitting still unless I have something to work on!
    Jacque in SC

  11. Great way to organize and it will be a great take along project. Look forward to see them.


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