Friday, March 25, 2011


I mean seriously!!!
I love my sewing machine!!
It is a Juki.
It does one stitch….Straight!
All I need.
Really I love it sooo much!!

It has an automatic thread cutter, I love this, but it cuts the thread so short I always have to rethread my needle!
You know my eyes, it takes me forever! I am so frustrated!
Most quilters thread their needle with a new color or new thread.
Not every other time I make a seam!
I even had a friend of mine who owns the same machine try it, Noooo she has no problem. The second she leaves, it comes out!

Any Juki owners out there who know how to lengthen the thread that is cut? Otherwise I am back to leaders and enders!

Whoa Bill, that was quite a tantrum!!!!!!!

I need a huge Hot Fudge Sundae!!!!


  1. Oh, Jane .... ouch :) Have you tried stitching several stitches past the end of your seam so it 'twirls' the two threads and then cutting? Good luck ... I don't have a Juki and I don't have a thread cutter, so I'm absolutely no help :) Good tantrum though...

  2. Jane, let me tell you a little secret....the sewing machine repair man told me this, and IT WORKS EVERY TIME.

    When threading the needle, take the hand you are not holding the thread with, and place your thumbnail on the back side of the needle. Now, thread the thread like you normally would. I don't know how this works, but you won't miss the hole in the needle and you will thread it every single time. Trust me, I can hardly see it without my glasses and it works.

    don't know how to fix the other problem, but this will help!! Let me know if it makes sense.

  3. How can you do that Coloradolady??? I'm confused, just like my friend JANE!! From one confused mixed up Jane to another!! Did you make that cartoon lady?? Very nice!! How did you do that?
    Gmama Jane

  4. Have you googled for advice? Things like this often come up on forums. Or googled for a manual (if you don't have one)?

    I have a Singer industrial that sometimes has the same problem, but it seems to come and go. Not sure what causes it. The fact that your friend can do it on your machine and you can't seems to imply that it's something your doing... but I don't know what it could be.

    Maybe it's a bonding issue? I never bonded with my mum's first overlocker. She would set it up, sew with it for ages, then I'd sit at it, put one thing under the foot, sew half an inch and all the threads would break/unthread/tangle. Mum watched me every time and I didn't do anything differently to her. It just didn't like me.

  5. Mine cuts the thread beautifully, but today I was using it and remembered what I hated about it. My sensor keeps telling me to clean out the bobbin and I need to sew, errrr. Guess I need to take the bobbin area apart and do a good cleaning.


  6. Oh.....I can just see you on the floor kicking and screaming.... I know how it feels, the Bernina I have does this and drives e crazy.....I hope you get it figured out....sorry for your wooooooossss

  7. I have a Juki TL98Q and I'm positive that there's an adjutment that can be made. Ask the person who will service your machine. My Pfaff's cutter used to cut short. I just didn't use it and did the leaders and enders thing.

    So tell me, do you have a good quarter inch foot (without the sidebar) for your machine?

  8. I have a Brother PQ1500, similar to your machine. My auto thread cutter does cut the bobbin nice and short, which is fine but I find if I lift the presser foot and pull the fabric towards me, the needle thread will pull out to a better length - it kind of stays attached to the fabric until you pull it out further... it is "cut" but will come out "longer" if you do the pull thing and then it comes away from your fabric. Worth a try:-) I have found if I pull to the left of the foot, the thread stays short... you need to pull your fabric towards yourself.

  9. Ever consider using a pair of scissors to cut the thread? I used to have a Brother which cuts thread easily without any issues. Now that I have a Janome, I'm having adjustment problems as the machine is built differently and cuts not as well as Brother. So I just use a pair of scissors. No more screaming.

  10. Love temper tantrums in the morning...or was this nght lol..Ok, I have a Baby Lock. it cuts the thread too..and before I start another seam...I pull the thread out just a wee bit more sew this not happen...temper tantrum..see easy...what else do you want on your hot fudge sunday lol

  11. I have never had this problem with my Juki. Are you using a needle with a big enough eye for what you are doing? How is your upper thread tension? Is it threaded correctly? Make sure the thread path is clear. Are you using your little telescope to hold the thread up before it goes to the machine? I will be interested to learn what it is when you figure it out. Sometimes you just have to tell it you love it! (wink!) I'll be thinking of you, and if I can do anything to help, let me know.

    Do you belong to the Juki TL-98 yahoo group? They have a lot of interesting discussions, and if you can't find your answer in the archives, post a question, and I'll be someone will know the answer!

    Hope your Saturday is wonderful and your Juki is a good girl!
    Be Blessed,

  12. Jane, c'mon over here... Cincinnati has some pretty tasty hot fudge sundaes (google Graeter's) and we have a quilt show coming up. Hope you can solve your issue. Hugs!

  13. hi Jane. i don't use my cutter for piecing. instead i leader and ender my own project. working in stations i run sets into the machine. usually 4, 8, or 12. then cut from back to take to next step. whether ironing or pinning. so there is always something in the machine and it is the project i am working on. a good espresso and a bit of chocolate and it's a good day in the sewing room!!

  14. wow, lots of great suggestions! My mom has a Juki also, but she has never had a problem with that.
    I do know that some threads tend to have a memory for the curl they have on the spool and will "rebound" back into a curl, pulling it out of the needle, when you cut the thread. Could this be the problem? The threads with rayon tend to do this more than the others. (Of course, this wouldn't solve your problem, only pin-point the reason.)Does it happen when you use a different type of thread?

  15. I have a TL98 and haven't had the problem. What is your upper tension like? Good luck with finding a solution, but leaders and enders are great too!!!

  16. I don't have a Juki but I do read your blog and I'm sorry… I'm sorry I'm laughing at your suffering. :( …but you're funny all the same. hee.

  17. Did the tantrum help? Sometimes you just need to shout and pout! My sister has a Baby-Lock that has a thread cutter. I did not like it when I used her machine as it would knot up on the back once cut and get sewn into the first few stitches. She didn't care, but I thought it was messy and especially for precision piecing (which she doesn't do, LOL!), adds bulk.

  18. Good morning! I adore my TL98Q too! However, I do not use the automatic thread cutter (unless in error when I touch the wrong foot pedal. I don't use the auto cutter on my other machine either. Why? Because it's too easy to get bunches of thread on the underside when I start sewing! Just my quirk. Thanks to Michelle who suggested the TL98Q Yahoo group! Joined and loving it!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  19. I don't have a Juki but my Elna has an automatic thread cutter. I do have this problem on occassion and it seems it happens when I too quickly lift the foot before the entire cutting process is complete. I have to remind myself to slow down a bit but I also have a automatic threader on my machine which cuts down my frustration some. Good luck.

  20. Oh my goodness! I just read your comments because I had put in a search to try to find out why my threads were being cut too short all of a sudden after the auto cutter working just fine of the comments talked about tensions....I returned to my machine and remembered that last night my daughter had swapped the spool cap from the medium to the large so as to pack everything away neatly.....that had altered the tension on the thread! I changed back to the medium spool cap and the cutter went back to perfect operation! Yeah! Yippee! All thanks to this blog!


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