Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh, What I have to offer you!!!

My eBay store is now carrying Presencia Perle Finca #8 Threads!!!
I believe these threads are the finest threads in the industry. Made from 2 Ply long stable 100% Egyptian Mercerized Perle Cotton from Spain. All the colors are colorfast so no worries about bleeding. It has an exceptional high luster and is resistant to splitting. Perfect for all your embroidery and cross stitching projects. I have a wide selection of these amazing threads in my eBay store. I also carry shades of red that are the perfect choice for all your redwork.

Stop over!

Take a peek!!

Presencia Perle Finca


  1. Would love to use them for larger hand quilting, they would work?


  2. ohhh how pretty they look...I Love new thread of choice now...glad to hear you have them...

  3. The colors are soooo awesome!

  4. you are so mean to me.... must go get some now :)

  5. Hey Jane, I would like to order one each of all of the Precensia Perle Cotton AND I also would like 6 yards of the Kona white, if you have it. I can pay by Paypal but I would like a total, with shipping, if you don't mind. My email is; my blog is and I would be using my payment would be using my hubby's email (paypal) at Can you do me an invoice with all of the threads and fabrics totalled? :) Clear as mud?? :D
    Thanks bunches,

  6. Good move Jane! The colors are so beautiful and the quality of that thread is great. blessings, marlene

  7. I agree...the colors are out of this world.

  8. A very pretty pile! I'm using Presencia for a current project, first time user, and agree it is very fine. The only thing I noticed is that I have to use shorter strands than I am used to so that it keeps its shape nicely and doesn't puff out from being drawn through the fabric too many times.

  9. Jane ... that's wonderful news!! Yay You!! Love your choices of colors :) :) Hope you had a fun day celebrating your daughter's birthday!!


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