Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Bee or not to Bee??

That is not the question for me!!
2009 was the year of the swaps. I still love them, but I have many UFO’S I need to finish before I join or host any other.


A Bee…
Now that is a “horse of a different color

I joined my first bee one year ago. It was the Around the World Quilt Block Bee. It was run like a round robin. You made a starter block, sent it to a person, they made a block to go with it and sent it to the next person, and so on, and so on, until it came full circle back to you. I am waiting for only two more blocks and mine will be home. Here are my last three blocks for other girls in the bee.

As a matter of fact I enjoyed that bee so much I continued with the group and started a round robin Christmas quilt. This is my starter block…

Here are a few I made for other members.

OK that is two

#3 I joined A Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee ; here is the starter block and signature block for that bee. I asked that they please use 1930's fabrics and make any block that they choose. I thought it would then have a sampler style.

One member asked to please make a block using her snowman fabric, this is what I made for her...

Another member asked to please use the tutorial in the Fat Quarterly called "A Bedtime Story Quilt" by Aneela Hoey. Here is my take on that block.

I even pulled out my Japanese Fabrics to find a fun center!

#4 Sew Bee Wonky, this is my first “traditional” bee. My month is April and I have no idea what blocks, or fabric I will use for the quilt. But, I do have time!

#5 Last but not least is, Three by Six Sampler Quilt Mini Bee…
This sounded like so much fun. You sign up for a quarter of the year and you are in a group with six other people. You choose one block and make six of the same blocks according to the persons color choices. Then send them out. You will receive 6 different blocks back in the colors you picked. I asked for Pink, Orange, and Green!

So, in total I am now in 5 bees, if you want to look at these bees they are all listed on my side-bar. Who knows, maybe after the Wedding, I might join another!!

How many bees are you in?


  1. wow - gorgeous blocks - i don't know how you manage to fit it all in - i'm only on one bee at the moment - the christmas one and there are some beautiful blocks being made.


  2. We really follow the same path don't we! I am in 2 bees. One with some of my blogging friends and the other with all Canadians. No more swaps for me for a while either.

  3. Your a busy girl. But I have a feeling your always busy and you like it that way. I know that I;m the same way. As my sister says it because were creative. ANd she is not.

  4. Quite the busy bee! All bee--- utiful!

  5. Amazing blocks. I would have a hard time keeping them all straight!!!

  6. Beautiful blocks, Jane :)
    The fussy cut piece in the last one is adorable! You are so organized with your time :D

  7. How fun! I have never heard of a round robin bee either! Very interesting!!

  8. Well, you sure do stay busy! They all look like a lot of fun and I know you will join more after the wedding.

  9. A very bust bee you are Jane..
    Great blocks Jane..
    Julia ♥

  10. A very busy bee you are Jane..
    Love the blocks..
    Julia ♥

  11. You are busy with all the blocks you've shared!

  12. Wait a second....I am having trouble catching my breath....trying to keep up with you...amazing!! Love everyting you showed.

  13. I would love to join one of these bees. Where can I find one that is just starting?

  14. You kill me. 5!! I do love all your blocks. Really they are so cute. I could just take all of them and love them. Little T too. He's getting so big and cute. Yummy grandbabies.

  15. Wow! All those blocks are beauties! I have never done a bee but it looks interesting.

  16. Jane! I love the block that you made for me!! That fussy cut center is superb! Thank you so much!! =)


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