Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!
29 years ago, I decided to work until a week before you were to come into the world. Someone told me first babies come late. I set my chair up in the backyard, sat down and started to enjoy the warm sunshine. I was able to enjoy ONE day of this because after a dinner of White Castle Sliders you decided to TRY to come into the world. You tried for 27 hours; I did this with no meds!! But the boy I thought I was having was a beautiful baby girl!!! She was born right on her due date!! You Dad and I were thrilled to have a little girl.
29 years later you have grown up to be a wonderful daughter, sister, wife and Mother. We are so lucky to call you OUR daughter and we love you very much.
Happy Birthday Honey! xoxoxxo

I dance for joy because it is your birthday!

You still like to listen to others in a restaurant!

PS Tomorrows Flick Pick is dedicated to you!


  1. Happy birthday to her. Yesterday was our son's birthday - just a few years difference!!! White Castle??? Mine was Taco Bell. ;)

  2. What a sweet make me want to cry it was so sweet. Happy Birthday to you daughter!

  3. Aaahhhh Jane...what a sweet post!!!

  4. What a wonderful post dedicated to your first!! Amazing how all moms feel pretty similar feelings about their first babies. What a happy day for you and for her. Happy Birthday!!

  5. she DOES still like to listen to other people at restaurants!

  6. Aww - SWEET! Happy birthday first born!

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter... it is a sweet and touching note, Jane... Hope the B'day girl had a fantastic day :)


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