Monday, January 18, 2010


Wow, what does one do when their computer is down? It is a funny feeling, it feels as if you have been left out of part of the world, and that world keeps going on without you and your posting.
Thank Heavens I have a brother who can take a computer, take it apart, put it back together and it works and runs better that before!! He is the best!!! A huge thank you to my little brother!!
I did get some things done.
When I sell fabric from my eBay and etsy stores I only have to charge sales tax for my state; for some reason, the state of Illinois wants their money!! It took many hours and many days to prepare the report, get that done and paid.

Glad to have that finished!! At least for another year!!!

Next, my family put me lock-down until I finished Emily’s quilt top. I am delighted to say it is done!! Now, to baste, hand quilt and bind a king size quilt. Now worries!! But my daughter reads my blog so I cannot show you a picture. Sorry…..
But here is a reminder of the fabrics

Since I finished the Wedding quilt top, I decided to treat myself to a new project! I have been thinking of this quilt for some time. I love Japanese fabric and now have collected a nice stash!

At first I was going to border the prints in white, but did not care for the all white look. Then I was going to border them in colors, but I thought it took away from the print; I finally settled on several pretty yellow fabrics.

So, I just started to play!
This is what I have so far….

Oh how I wish I had more of this kerchief fabric!!

Can you read what the saying says? It says,” A was an Apple Pie bit cut dealt, eat!” I love how they interpret our language.

This will be an on-going work in progress.

I have many, many emails and blogs to go through, please to not be insulted if I do not get a chance to reply.
Just know that I missed you and am glad to be back!!


  1. Glad you are back too! Computer problems are the pits!! I just did what you did last week, piled all my receipts and paid sales tax. I guess no state is immune, right? It looks like you are busy on the sewing front too. Fantastic, can't wait to see the quilt.

  2. I am glad you are back have been missed...totally.

    Thanks heavens for your brother!! He saved the day.

    I love everything you are doing, your fabrics, your Japanese fabrics, daughters fabrics for her quilt.....your store....shall I go on?

  3. Welcome back! :-) Cute little blocks there! If you have a photo of the wedding top, you could stick it in an email. ;-) I'd love a peek at it! LOL :-))

  4. Happy to have you back. You have been missed. I figured you were busy quilting. The Japanese prints are so cute and it will be fun to see the wedding quilt. I am working on a blue/yellow king size quilt for my bed.

  5. Wondered what happened to you. Glad you are back. Bet those blue and yellow fabrics made a gorgeous quilt.... can't wait 'til we can see it.

  6. Oh I have this ahead of me. Yikes going through my paypal stuff. Ick.

    The Japanese fabric is beautiful! Of course. It is fun to see you doing things with it.

  7. I just did my Ohio State Sales Tax...fortunately I do more sales out of my state! CUTE Japanese fabrics...having lived in Japan for 3 years I saw much funny interpretation of the English language.

  8. We missed you too, Jane. Welcome back!

    I wish you would sell some of that Japanese fabric.

  9. Oh, I know just how you feel, Jane - I've had problems, too! Just love the start of your little Japanese quilt - so cute!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  10. There you are Jane! have been missed,so glad your back!
    I hate it too when my computer crashes..
    Gorgeous fabrics..
    Julia ♥

    Word verification is "resting" could have been like your computer,

  11. I'm so glad you have a brother who can fix computers. Wish we all had one of those!

  12. Jane, missed you so much! Been wondering if you were busy. So glad to know that everything is fine.
    Love your Japanese collection. I'm loving the layout for the quilt too. So adorable!

  13. Welcome back! Can't wait to see pictures of your projects.

  14. These fabrics are the most wonderful eye candy!!! Welcome back!

  15. Wow, hand quilting a king size quilt! I admire you for that. Love all those Japanese fabrics. Very cute!


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