Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Spooktacular Spotlight…

Saturday Spooktacular Spotlight…
This is how it will work. I will not post names and I will not mark the side-bar as I receive blocks. If you want to know who made the block, click the picture and you will be magically transported to their blog. If they have no blog; no magic carpet ride!

If you DO NOT want to know and would like to be surprised, curb your urge and DO NOT click the pictures.

Some of you ladies did not follow the rules and sent me a goodie, not necessary, but of course I am very grateful. I have emailed a thank you to you girls, but I am not going to post the item, for we know some people very well and that would let you know who made the blocks.
I know all your tricks!!


To make a long story short… What too late?? Sorry!!Your choice, mystery or not!!This is very hard for me as I want to comment on each block, but all I will say is…….

Let the fun begin!!!!


I always love to hear your thoughts!