Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Rockefeller Tree.....

We put our tree up last night; my mind saw a beautiful green tree adorned with thousands of lights, lace snowflakes, ornaments, bows, garland, and silver tinsel just like the tree in Rockefeller Center. The whole family would stand back, ooow, and aaaaw at its beauty. However, before you see the finished product, let’s go on a little ornament tour.

First and foremost my three little angels in kindergarten…

From my childhood, of course, I love the pink one the most……

More Childhood memories….

OD brought home from her trip to Germany……

MD knew I loved my Mom’s gold bird; hence, she got me a pink one…

More favorites, YD made Mommy glitter ones when she was very little….

Last but not least as many bells, as the tree will hold for…….

“Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings”

I hope you are ready for our Rockefeller tree….

I also get to come down the stairs and to the right is our glowing tree, with our villages behind. You know? What my mind saw really did happen. Happy Holidays!!


  1. Your decorations are gorgeous! I love your rockefeller tree! The villages look great behind it! I will send you an e-mail with the fabric requirements for the pillowcases. It isn't a lot and they don't need to be flannel. Thanks so much for your random act of kindness. You are a true gem!

  2. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! and just year you will be sharing the holidays with a grandchild! *excited squeal!*

  3. i just love all your treasured ornaments...don't they seem all 'new' again each season when we bring them out....this truely is a 'rockefeller tree'!

  4. So pretty. We don't have a tree so I love looking at others.

  5. This is just what a tree is supposed to be, pretty and full of special memories... wonky school ornaments are my favourite! And your little village brings back memories... mine stays packed away most years.

  6. I love your tree! So great!
    I posted about our PIF tonight. Thanks for letting me play!

  7. I love all the special little ornaments...I have a tree in the family room, expecially for those.

  8. The ornaments are so adorable. What fond memories you have from your childhood!
    The christmas tree looks wonderful with all the decorations!!

  9. Ah, it far exceeds the beauty of the Rockfeller your shines bright with love and memories.

  10. I absolutely adore your tree and all the ornaments! That little pink bird is most precious.

  11. Your ornaments are so darling. The tree is beautiful. It is Christmas at your house! Well soon.


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