Monday, December 1, 2008

Grab a cup of something warm and curl up for our weekend of fun……..

Thanksgiving started out bright and early. We headed to downtown Chicago for the Thanksgiving Parade. Our MD lives only a few blocks away, so we walked. Nice day, sun our, not to cold, no snow, all in all ,for November quilt nice.
This picture downtown is of the “Pants”. I know random art, Pants.

The parade was jammed packed but a lot of fun. We did take a few pictures. (One)

Arthur!! I love Arthur!

After the parade, we walked a few more block to the Christ-Kringle Market, which is held in Daley plaza. You would thing we would not eat, being that is was Thanksgiving, but that did not stop anyone!! They have the best Hot Coco, potato pancakes, bratwurst, and many other Germany delicacies. It was decorated so pretty. Here are a few pictures of the splendor were got to enjoy.

A Bull Dog

Now this is a picture that did cause us some speculation, why were there men cleaning windows on a high rise building on thanksgiving? Kinda gives you the creeps!!

Now it was time to head back to MD apartment for Thanksgiving dinner. Mom,” Let’s take a cab”. MD” let’s walk, it is nice out”. Mom” ok, it is nice out”. Mom and YD “are we almost there” every 2 minutes. Next year CAB!!!

Our MD and her fiancé made their first turkey dinner, it was outstanding, I had two helpings, and I usually do not eat!

My YD collects matryoshka-nesting dolls and this is the one she got this year, I love the blue!

After dinner, off to OD home for dessert, homemade pies she and YD made on Wednesday. Raspberry, Apple/Cranberries, Pumpkin, and YD cookies. Yes, we still all had room for dessert. After that off to our annual Thanksgiving movie and then home, to the best night sleep ever!!

Friday-Black Friday. We go every year but we do not get up at 4AM, we all met at 9:30 (so I was a little late) at OD home and set out to Woodfield, (which is a huge mall in our neck of the woods) found a great spot to park and off we went. We found several deals and left 4 hours later with more bags than the four of us could carry without whining (I was whining) Another great sleep.

Happy Saturday, where we put up lights outside, laid around, I worked and sent out several orders, the only sewing I got done was two potholders. (not really finished)

Sunday, oh my Heavens, I slept until 11:30 and only because the phone woke me up!! We headed to the Radio City Christmas Music show, how much fun was that!! The Rockettes are everything they say they are. The lights, the music, the costumes, the seats (great job DH). They did not allow cameras, but it was just wonderful. They ended the show with something I had always wanted to see, A Live Nativity, it was mesmerizing. What a wonderful way to end out thanksgiving weekend. Oh, yes it started to snow. Ba Humbug!!!
I really need to sew and work the next few days and catch up from all the fun we had this weekend. What did you do?


  1. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving weekend. I thought I was busy...but wow! I love the Christmas tree!

  2. what a wonderful weekend you had! i LOVE downtown chicago! =)

  3. Jane, You certainly had a busy and fantastic weekend!! So much fun, food and family!

  4. I laughed when I read that you love Arthur!! My kids laugh at me and shake their heads because if the TV is on, I will turn it to "Arthur" and watch it while I am doing stuff!! And when they were little, I would tape it for them so they wouldn't miss it!! Love that guy!! lol!!

    You sound like had a wounderful weekend!! thank-you for letting me enjoy it too!! It sounds like a very - well, it just sounded like a great time to have had!! thanks for the post!! It made me smile!!

  5. Wow! Wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving weekend! I was in Chicago a couple of years ago. It was great - even without a parade, shopping and Christmas stuff!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. Nice. I can't believe you went to the big parade! Love the matryoshka - so cute.

  7. I've never been downtown to see the parade - how wonderful for you. I would love to take my kids down there to see that and so much more, but I never seem to get a chance to do that.
    You went to Woodfield? Silly girl. It's minutes from my house and although I was there, it wasn't to shop but to drop off my kiddo at work. It's insane there.


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