Friday, June 13, 2008

The Dells

Good Morning, I am sitting here sipping my coffee, getting ready to go to one of our softball games, when my thoughts drifted to the people in Wisconsin. We also live by a river, The Fox River, I have lived here my whole life and the worst flooding I have seen, (and we live close), is that the river rose and covered part of our main street. Nothing like the devastation in Wisconsin, we had plans on taking our family up for the weekend, our future son-in-law, never went tubing. Last summer I sipped my coffee and looked out the hotel room onto the lake to watch the boaters and tubers. We are still going to the Dells; they need our support and our prayers. Until next time, Jane

Thought for the day…shopping cart…if at first you do not succeed, eat a whole pound bag of M & M’s, watch a good movie and start over the next day!
It works!!!

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