Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Past Few Months

Hi Everyone!!  Just popping in to say hello!    September, wow, where did the summer go?  Although here in Illinois today is going to be 90 degrees!  I love the last push of summer. I will be sorry to see it leave. The children are back in school and a routine has started to settle back in everyone's home.
As for sewing I have been working on smaller projects throughout the last few months..
I found a great pattern on Instagram for a see through pouch.
  Zipper and all!

I also have been embroidering. Found a wonderful designer named Sherri Falls. Her Company is called This and That.  I just love her patterns. Check her out HERE.

My love of hexies continues......

We took our youngest daughter back to college on August 15th (way too early for my liking!).
We had to rent a car and I sat in the back seat because she gets car sick.  It was only a four hour drive so no problem for me! 
She is one happy camper!

I am working on a king size quilt for my daughter and SIL.  She choose a beautiful shade of gray.  She is very traditional so I am making the good old nine patch! 

I am using these Halloween fabrics as my leader ender quilt. I am using the pattern, Fast Four Patch by Amy Smart of Dairy of a Quilter. She has a tutorial on her blog HERE.
Most of these fabrics are from Riley Blake called Witch Hazel and the rest from my stash. 

I am also collecting the fabric line Feed Company by Sweetwater for an upcoming quilt.

Lastly, I am finishing my Farm Girl Vintage blocks by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet.  Link on my side-bar.  These and others item are posted on my IG feed.  Just a few too many pictures to post!
Hope you stop by to visit.
Link on my side-bar. 

Well friends, that is what I have been up to the last few months.  I hope all is well with you and that you are getting a chance to do something you love,   Happy Sewing!


  1. So many beautiful things to look at here. I especially love your hexies.

  2. I was thinking of you all last week, but I know you get heavily involved with family thru the Summer. You have some fantastic projects going with some really awesome fabrics - enjoy the play time.

  3. Now, you know I'm too old to remember all that by the time I get to here! :-) The little pouches are so cute! Years ago I made keepsake pillows with vinyl hearts with zippers going through the hearts to keep photos and memorabilia in. The stitchery designs are wonderful. Always love your hexie fun. If I were sittin' there with that gorgeous quilt on my lap, I'd be a pretty happy camper too! The greys and white is going to be a beauty too. Looking forward to seeing what comes from the Halloween pile of pretties!

  4. Great to see that you're doing well; maybe you'll be blogging a bit more. :) I've missed you and have been thinking of you; glad to know you have been sewing/quilting and not having health problems.

  5. Oh Jane, such wonderful projects you have going on! Your daughter looks so happy with that quilt on her lap! I feel like my summer was full of so much creativity too, but today was my first day back to school, so the fun stuff has to be put on hold. One more year!


  6. What a busy summer you have had! Love seeing your projects! Your daughter looks very happy with her beautiful quilt!

  7. With Lizzie, my youngest, I sat in the back seat too. Car sick babies, we have to accommodate.
    I loved reading this update. So there you go, another few months just you and hubbs.
    You have a lot of projects planned so get to work dear.
    Time flies now, unbelievable.
    I rush around now. take care of mom and dad, take care of hubbs and the kitty boys, sew in between, and of course now I have my very own grandbaby girl living just 9 miles up the road,
    I am so sick of summer. It is a hot week here in No Va, and I hate it now. The sweating, the boiling hot car, and the sweating. My daughter keeps her place nice and cool. My dad and I suffer because mom wants their apartment at Ashby Ponds kept at something like 78º and it is terrible. hahahaha
    So I wear inappropriate tank tops and shorts. All the old people complain, so I have to bring a sweet sweater to wear when we are out walking around the "compound"
    I love the grey tone quilt. It will be beautiful, and daughter will be so happy with her mum, that followed her instructions :-P
    I just received a gift from my oldest daughter (the one with the most adorable three month old baby girl ever, she is beautiful and very intelligent), a "test book" called The Wonder Weeks. So I can learn all about development of babies (I went to nursing school and was an RN but hey, that was back when we were just learning how to make fire, and clothing from animal skins)
    Love always, Rosemary

  8. So good to catch up with all you've been doing this summer! Your daughter looks very happy -- hard to believe another school year is starting already.

    Your quilt and embroidery projects are lovely. What's a leader ender quilt?

    I was up in the old neighborhood over the summer. I can't get over how much it changes each time I'm there, but I still feel like I'm home when I'm there.

  9. Summer has been super busy for me too, However, you have enjoy a lot more sewing than I have. I love the Farm Girl Vintage blocks but I am so behind, almost gave up but a follower encourage me to keep going.

    I didn't know you are on IG so I'm off to find you there :)

  10. Oh, I love the Feed Company fabric! Excited to see what you come up with... I'm still collecting and attempting to make a decision. Who knows how long that will take (the decision part) :)

  11. Oh boy you have been a busy gal. I really love your see through pouches. What a great idea. I can not wait for fall it has been way to hot down here. Love seeing what you have been up to my dear.

  12. You are always so busy! I love seeing all of your posts both on your blog and instagram!

  13. Such great fabrics and projects! Love that see through pouch, thanks for sharing :)

  14. Hi Janie! I'm listening to the wind howl and having some coffee. I'm visiting a few blogs this morning's been for ever since I've caught up with everyone!!! I'm so glad for IG! and that fast hello this is what I'm up to!
    I love your projects!! and am making a few see through bags too! They are cute! Hope you have a great week!! :)


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