Monday, May 11, 2015

My Winter Finish

AGAIN I apologize if I did not respond to your comment. Putting comment moderation on helped a little but I am not sure how well it worked.
Very frustration! 

While I was waiting for my sewing mojo to return I picked up my knitting needles.  
It did not start out very well!!

Things began to pick up....

I have made this afghan so many times I know it by heart. In a few winter months I ended up with two white baby afghans. 

My mojo is back thanks to Lori Holt's Farm Girl Friday Sew Along.

Here are Friday's Blocks

Autumn Star
HST's are not my friend.
But I do like the block.

Next the Baby Chick.
I named her Susie!
She still needs her little legs embroidered. 

I still have some sets of Jane Dixon's new fabric lines.

Just drop me an email if you would like a set.

Daisy Splash
15 Fat Quarter $30.00 plus flat rate shipping.

Sun Flowers
9 Fat Quarters $20.00 plus flat rate shipping.

Have a wonderful week!
Happy Sewing!


  1. Susie is a cute chick!!! Your two white afghans look so snuggling too!

  2. What pretty afghans! Love the yarn mess you started with! hahaha Great quilt blocks you're working on too. Love them both. Susie is a sweetie.

  3. I love your Farm Girl blocks. I still have to make mine...I had to finish a quilt for a family member that is currently taking chemo and radiation. I look forward to getting caught this week. Those blocks are so much fun!

  4. When I stopped quilting due to quilting block, like my writer's block, I started knitting socks. I do them by heart pretty much too. Love knitting socks and they are so appreciated by the recipients. Who does not love hand knits which seems to be a disappearing art by the young. I taught many people to knit during the winter as people loved the tactile feel of the yarn.
    Your blog, as usual is wonderful, the colours bright and so cheery. I am glad to be back following you and when I return to the US this coming fall, I'm definitely getting some of your fabrics. Love your posts. It's been a long read, so enjoyable.

  5. Your afghans are sooooooooo pretty....lots of fun things...

  6. Gorgeous new blocks, and how pretty your knitted afghans are, Jane!
    Wishing you a happy weekend!
    Helen xox


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