Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Rarely Do This, Really!

UFO's!  I just usually do not finish them!  This weekend I was getting out the Halloween Decorations when I came across some orphan Halloween Blocks.


I could do something with these, or I could put them back.

Nope, use them Jane!

So I put them together added a border, binding and I was done!

Here it is...
Do you like my makeshift clothesline?  
An orange extensions cord attached to two trees!

I found these too!

And this I received from a friend!

Some UFO's just might now be moved to the finished pile!

I hope you had a nice weekend.  


  1. Darling little Halloween quilt! Love the border fabric! Clever clothes line too! Doesn't it feel good to move projects out of the unfinished pile? Good for you!


  2. Way to go Jane! Seeing your Halloween UFO's reminded me of the year when we did the Halloween block exchange :)

  3. Well, I don't feel so bad now, lol. I have so many projects to finish and some I set aside and one day, I just get in the mood, so they get done eventually.


  4. Okay congrats on the awesome UFO finish...but I'm literally left laughing out loud at your extension clothes line!!! BAHHHHHHAAAHHHH!!!! Thanks for the smiles and LOL!!!

  5. Way to go! Love your Halloween quilt.

  6. 10 Quilty Little Secrets.....#10 "I do not care one iota about UFO;s." hahaha I guess that's unless they jump out at you and look inviting. Isn't it wonderful how we can get re-excited about a project again. The "new" little Halloween quilt is so cute! I really love the flag interpretation. I've had one of those on my want to do list for some time. I think it's always a good feeling to get something forgotten finished up. Good for you!

  7. You Americans really love to decorate for all your different celebrations- and your Halloween quilt is great! Better being seen than hiding in a cupboard!

  8. How fun! Love the Halloween quilt. I don't have any Halloween decorations any more as my DD's took them for their own places. Can't wait to see how you finish the other UFO's.

  9. Cute finish. Um yeah I have a clothes line that looks just like that. Should I be hanging my head in shame? :D

  10. Did you quilt that Halloween quilt already?! WOW - Speedy Gonzalez!! I have LOTS of Halloween blocks for you! LOVE the results!!

  11. YEA!!!! a finish, sure feels good....

  12. Sweet Halloween quilt. Don't you just love to find unexpected things. Oh my gosh love your apple core pieces. I have not tried that one yet. Eeek!.
    Hope you have a great week.

  13. I'm proud of you. You were inspired by those UFOs twice. But I'm still laughing about the "clothesline" in the photo with that cute Halloween quilt. My husband used that cord when trimming a tree. He had me and my son pull on it while he did the buzz saw. I swear that cord was 15 ft longer when we were done.

  14. nothing wrong with those UFOs becoming finished quilts. I need to do the same.


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