Saturday, August 16, 2014

50 States

Oh my gosh this has my name written all over it!

It is the 50 States Stitching Club hosted by Mollie of Wild Olive.

It has all the elements I love.
First, America!
then quilting, paper piecing, embroidery, raw edge applique, who could ask for more.
This staredt a few weeks ago but I just joined.  You can join anytime you wish.
Each week we will receive a state mofit to embroider and some fun facts about the state. Mollie is working in sections and we are now in the Eastern Part of the USA.

I started by printing out the star pattern on cardstock (sad face they did not have pink). Cut them out and began to paper piece the points with White Kona.

I hit my stash and decided to go very Patriotic. 

I made NJ!  how cute is this little guy! 

Next will be adding the star points and appliqueing it on to the fabric.  I also have to remember to blot off the embroidery stitching lines. 
 I have a few more to make to catch up but I adore handwork so there is no rush.

Come join the fun!
All information can be found 

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you do something you love.


  1. This looks and sounds like such fun, but I will enjoy it thru you and others. You have a lovely pile of fabrics selected for this projects.

  2. It's most definitely right up your ever lovin' patriotic alley! It even temps inspiration within me, but I've already got an overflowing plate. I know, what's that got to do with it? LoL. I'm gonna love watching you build this one. Love your fabric choices!

  3. I'm looking forward to watching your progress with this one....sorry I couldn't join ya....but will enjoy cheering you on!!!

  4. Have a wonderful sew along, Jane! You have a perfect stash for the patriotic theme! Adorable stitchery :)

  5. So cute, I love the NJ block. I also saw the liberty bell for PA cute!

  6. How cute Jane! I'll have to check this out!


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