Thursday, May 8, 2014

Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

First a huge thank you to everyone who helped me in my pattern search.
Thank you for the links, suggestions, math help, EQ help and encouragement.

I have it solved and will share the new fabrics with you next week.

Now, back to the puzzle.
I will tell you just in case you did not know I am having a ton of fun with the Farmer Wife Blocks!!

I am on month 5 of Laugh Yourself into Stitches, Crafsty Patterns.

Found HERE

But I am an impatience soul. So for the blocks not presented in the given month I head to the Yahoo Farmer's Wife group.
They have all the blocks in paper piecing PDF.

I print the pattern.
Look at the picture in the book and label each piece with the color or print I plane to use for the block.

Cut the Pieces.

Look at the picture in my book.
Compare it to the paper piecing pieces.
Lay them out in an order that makes sense.

I proceed to sew each piece and lay it back just as is in the book.

Flip it over.


and Ta Da!!

This block was an easy layout but look at this one!!
Now this is where the puzzle comes into play.
You have to figure that out yourself and it is not always as you think it would be.
Take this block, looks like a nice patch.

But no, take a gander at this layout!!

After I have it laid out I marked the order so I will remember how to put it back together!

sew, rip. sew.
Put together, rip off the paper, iron and 

A block!  Only two hours later!!

Slow and steady wins the race!  Happy Sewing!  

Opps, some last editions for this week!


  1. Slow and steady is a way to tackle this project.

  2. One block at a time, I guess! ;-)) pretty though!!!

  3. Slow and steady wins the race....they look great!

  4. Ah, Janie, your blocks all look so terrific! When you are done you will be the queen puzzle solver!

  5. love your fabric choices. I'm torturing myself with the women of the bible blocks doing them 3"

  6. Can't wit until all your fabulous blocks are in a quilt. It is going to be a prettiest quilt. Love your fabric choices, Jane! Glad you could paper piece some of the blocks for the precision they give :)

  7. UGH - I THOUGHT I was going to do it in Batiks - but now that I see your fabric choices - UGH!! What's a girl to do?!

  8. I am glad you are having so much fun with them! The colors are pretty, pretty. Are you still hand-piecing? Love your Farmer's Daughter.

  9. Your blocks are the cutest Jane!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! I'm impressed everytime you share as you well know, I'm NOT a itty bitty piece kind of gal.

  10. What fabulous blocks and as always I love love your it possible to have a love affair with fabric?

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  12. Nice post!

    Thanks for sharing.. it


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