Friday, August 23, 2013

Do you.....

Do you have a small home town Grocery Store? Where when you walk in "everyone knows your name"? Even though we live in a large town, we are lucky enough to have this type of store.
The best meat in the world. The best bakery. The best deli full of fresh yummy home made food. Sweet corn, fruit and vegetables from our local farmers. I love this store. You can never just run in to pick something up! There is always someone you know. Or in my case, they know me and I have no idea who they are! LOl!
I love to bring the grand-babies in, they have a treasure chest and when you check out you can pick a prize!  Even Maggie at the age of 17 remembers the treasure chest.
I walk out of that store just feeling happy!  yes, very happy!

Oh quilting, yes!  I did make another barn.  I love pinwheels. This is Number 7 in Lori's Quilty Barn Along.

Have a wonderful weekend. Do something you love.


  1. Oh Jane, I love the the pinwheels on your barn. What a fun block. I hope to clear out some of my UFOs before year end so that I can join some of these fun sew / quilt alongs next year.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh what memories I have of the small hometown grocery store? I don't think there was a treasure chest there when I was a kid, lol. Love the barn block too!!!!


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