Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bonnie Hunter

Our local guild held is annual end of the year banquet last night. I was lucky enough to attend. Guess who the speaker was?
Give up?

Bonnie Hunter!
You know from

What a lovely lady. She is kind, charming, knowledgeable, and funny.  One of the bees from the guild presented her with a quilt they had made and it brought tears to here eyes. I did not take many pictures as I was too engrossed with her presentation.
and what I did are badddd

She has such wonderful theories about using your stash.
She makes the math of quilting fun and easy to understand.
And, she is very generous...
Many free patterns are offered on her site.
Her post from her blog
is all about St. Charles and her time with us.
Do you see me at the dinner?!

Such a fun night!

PS you know what?  Mary a Madame Samm cheerleader was there too!
We got to talk for a few minutes. Another delightful Lady.
How small is our big world!


  1. I am so jealous!! I saw Bonnie's posts of her time out there and the banquet. How delightful that you and Mary got to meet.

  2. I am so jealous too! You must have had such an awesome time!

  3. Thank you for your post about Bonnie last night.It was a super great evening.

  4. Oh Wow! What a great time you had. How fantastic!

  5. I love Bonnie's blogs. I live in florida and it seems that she spends more time in the northeast and Midwest than in the south. Maybe someday she will venture down to a city near me. What fun for you!

  6. I looks like such a fun event...I'm jealous, too!

  7. Fun! she has been to our guild too. I took a class with her. Made a spider web string quilt.

  8. I just read Mary's post about this. Bonnie is so incredible and has inspired so many people. I'd be honored to meet her as well.


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