Monday, December 3, 2012


I do not know about you but this has been one busy weekend   From "starting" my Christmas shopping, shopping for my daughter's birthday in December, to decorating the inside of the house, to getting the Christmas tree, to hubby putting our lights out, Whew, and that was only Saturday. (How about that for a run on sentence!) Sunday meant, cleaning and doing laundry, and more shopping!

That did not stop me from getting in a little sewing time.  I  was able to make  a little progress  on my new Christmas Project.

Have a  wonderful day/night.


  1. Christmas joy is written all over your little squares... I hope the busyness slows down for you to sneak in more quilty time ;)

  2. What pretty fabrics for your Christmas project! I hope you get unbusy with all but your sewing so we can soon see what you are making with them.

  3. Wow! You had a busy weekend. Lovely fabrics too.

  4. Jane I love this fabric - such bright clear colors! blessings, marlene


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