Friday, September 21, 2012

Katie and I !!

Oh, Katie and I have been having fun, a lot of fun!
I love to hand piece and she is just the best fabric in the world.
We are getting along quite nicely!
When I am done Katie will be

108 inches by 120 inches

No border, just Katie!

I like to work in sections so you will see a little scrap of paper pinned to the top left corners.
Row A section #1, Row A section #2  and so forth.

I have Rows A.B. and C done.

I am at a standstill while I wait for more yellow ribbon Katie to arrive, it is my favorite.

Here she is so far!

WOW, first it was too sunny for pictures, then too dark. She did not want to go outside with me so this is the best we could do for now!

 See in this above picture? I do not like those two blues together. I must do something about that!


  1. Jane, it`s all wonderful. I love those prints. Can`t wait to see your quilt when it is complete.

  2. There are not any answers for this design. It's awesome designs.

  3. YOu and Kati...are doing some pretty exciting work...I bt she is a perfect fussing or too much chatting..

  4. goodness! you have been busy. the blocks are looking good.

  5. I knew you liked to hand quilt, but hand piece?! Wow. Your Katie quilt is so pretty. Love the fabric.

  6. It is vibrant and beautiful! Nice progress, Jane :)

  7. A great design and such fun colours!! =D

  8. This quilt is going to be amazing!!!


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