Monday, June 18, 2012

Before I Begin a Project.....

I am not sure if this is just me or if there are others out there that are as OCD as I am!!
Before I start a new project I have a few steps I have to go through to get ready.

Empty the garbage from the last project.

Be sad that the garbage has the empty candy box. (mental note, get more)

Clean all the lint from the last project.

Fill all my bobbins.

Oil the machine, check the needle.

Check the water in the iron
Check rotary blade.


Test machine.

Start to sew!

This is what I got done today.

Now that is how I prepare for a new project.
How about you?


  1. Well,,,, a lot of that fabric would not be in my garbage can but cycled into the fabric food chain. I do clean my machine well, prepare bobbins, change out needle and rotary blade if needed. Vac as desired, LOL!! But with several projects on the go at once - it isn't always an inbetween thing. NO not a solo project person.

  2. :-) You have quite a routine! I do clean my machine, load bobbins, change the needle etc. But not necessarily when one project is finished~ it is more of a weekly thing to keep me humming along on 3 or 4 projects at once. :-) Love your little polka dot garbage bin. And your new project looks fun! I love the Wizard of Oz!

  3. What a cool routine! I usually from the night before sort out my next project. That sits on my table next to the machine. I tend to clean the lint out as I go, if sewing something big. I have a bag which holds any off-cuts and I use that for stuffing small items. =D

  4. Yeah, not quite! I just jump right in and make more mess! After a few projects, I clean up and organize, and I must admit, it is much nicer to work on a new project in a clean space.

    I love your Wizard of Oz blocks!


  5. I only wish I could keep up with the starts. I just clean and oil the machine when needed and clean up when it finally just gets to me... which is usually when I'm looking for something in the But I really do love working in a clean space!

  6. You are so good. I really should do as much, but I'm usually content with running the vacuum and empty the garbage.

  7. Oh my goodness - I feel like you were watching me sew last night!

    I totally did all of that! Empty the trash, clean the machine, dust the table, vacuum, change the rotary blade and needle, fill the bobbin, and then get the fabrics out.... but it's all worth it!

    I can't start a new project unless all others are put away - and I have a really REALLY hard time leaving something unfinished....

  8. I guess I am OCD too then.

    I love the blocks. Great start!

  9. I do it all but the trash and vacuum. I have a tall kitchen trash can under my cutting table, and a small one under my sewing table. One less thing to do as often, and I only vacuum a couple of times a week.

  10. Oh and those Wizard of Oz blocks are great. I can't wait to see how you put them all together.

  11. Hi Jane, yes I do exactly the same, especially the needle in the machine and rotary cutter. Have you noticed how quickly the rotary cutter blade dulls? Mine seems to go after only cutting about two projects, none of which have been hard or lots of fabrics!

    I usually have a sort out of my cottons and bobbins as well, which then leads to sorting out my fabric which then leads to sorting out my patterns and articles,so before I know it four hours have gone by and no sewing!!!!!

    Susie x

  12. Oh my are the quilt routine queen! Love to read about what I should be doing....though I will admit my wastebasket has empty candy boxes too! I do love to finish a ironing board/table is filled by the time I finish a project, so I spend time putting everything away so I have a clean slate/board for the next project!

  13. I wish I was that organized! I just jump in, pushing the old stuff aside to make about a new space. I am such a slob but I'm so driven to start a new project! And most of the time, I finish them unless I get bored with it. Then it just sits there. Maybe I can take some lessons here. I have a large bag that I fill with scraps and cut offs and threads. I give it to another quilter who uses it to fill dog beds she makes for a shelter.

  14. Oh yes ocd on needle check, surfaces all clean check, take photos of fabric being used check, bobbins all wound check, i even choose a diift album to listen to for every project lol. Check, and start each project with a glass of coffee..gotcha...we should start a group lol ocd projects...

  15. This is making my head spin! I try to put away all the fabric I pulled from a previous project and put it away. I have so many projects going at once - I just jump in! lol

  16. This doesn't seem like OCD at all. Just good, common sense. I never seem to have completely finished one project before I start another so there isn't a defined transition.
    This is a fine example of good practice though and I will try to start a similar routine so that it becomes second nature (if that's what you mean by OCD :-)
    Teresa x

  17. I need to make a note to do all of the above!!

  18. We are OCD sisters! I do the same thing! How funny...

  19. Jane ... I thought I was alone in my need for orderliness before starting a project :) :) Thank you for sharing and now I have a couple more items to add to my check list of things I need to do before starting. Have fun and enjoy!

  20. From another OCD stitcher...I am nodding my head at everything you do. Ditto! blessings, marlene

  21. Even when I had a large space, I had a routine for starting a new project. I too like order, although I have never oiled my Janome 6600...should I do that? I would not even know where to begin!
    Love, the blocks. Should I oil?

  22. Fun post! I usually just jump into a new project and only do these tasks as necessary. I wish I was more organized like you are!

  23. I was reading your latest blog entry "jump into new project" and wondered what I do.
    I really had not thought about it.
    I realized that I do like to do a bit of cleaning before I start another project.
    I like to clean up my craft table, cut left over fabrics into strips if ft qtr or less, wipe down sewing table, wind bobbins, check garbage basket for fullness, swiffer floor, and then lets start another project.

    Thank you for reminding me...Kgcg

  24. Yep, that sounds like me! Just love a fresh sewing area for a new project!!

  25. ha ha no. That's how I prepare after about every 10th project.


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