Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Few Things...

Just a few things on this Sunday evening....
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Full of family, fun and love.
I had a lovely day! I thought I would show you what Maggie made for me.

How about this for color inspiration!
It is now hanging in my sewing room.
I love it!

What I have been working on....

Wonky Stars for my Wonky Swap.
I love to make these stars and (giggle) I am using my own tutorial!
(Found on my side bar)!!

I am also working on my niece's quilt. I want to have it down by June 10th for her celebration.
I have such GREAT RESPECT  for machine quilters. I just cannot "make it work"!!  I was going nuts just putting on the border for her quilt.  All that fabric on my lap, on the floor, slung over my shoulder! YIKES!!  You machine quilters are amazing!!

I also am trying to learn EQ6! Well, I am happy to say so far so good.  What, yes I am still on lesson one!

So, off to softball this week!  Our team is conference champs and we are so hoping to go to state. Please wish us luck!

Happy Sewing.


  1. Love the wall hanging. Is the fabric painted or did she actually bleed the pens onto it?

    It's all about wonky! I can't believe some people struggle with it! =D

  2. Good Luck to your team!! Love the crayon picture. It looks like she sprayed the crayons with water and they ran down the paper. Is that what she did?

  3. The crayon hanging is pretty powerful! I love your wonky stars...I will definitely use your tutorial to do mine. Yours are just so pretty!

  4. Maggie's crayon art is SO cool! I looked at it in the large size and it's so fascinating. I'd like to know more about how she created it. Your wonky stars are absolutely delightful!

  5. I love that crayon art. I have seen that on other blogs. So cool and your sewing room is the perfect place to hang it. It will be great inspiration.
    I am working on my July block.
    Your stars are super.

  6. I second the motion -- would love to know the process behind the art! Good luck to your team...hope you go to state and WIN!!
    Love your stars, too!

  7. Ohhhh wow...M did this...I love that...are you going to frame it? what is the fabric she used? and your stars...well M needs one..she earned it x

  8. Goodness, such fun stuff! I want to do all of it: crayons, wonky squares, and the EQ6 thingy. Just a little jealous here. :O)

  9. Your wonky stars are in such great colors! Very Fun!
    Love the crayon art. Nice job, Maggie!

    Good luck to your softball team!

  10. Hi Jane, hope everything has been great with you! So nice to see you are busy with pretty projects and learning EQ! That is exciting!! Have a lovely weekend!


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