Wednesday, September 14, 2011

input please....

Bringing It Home

Input Please...
I love block swaps. In the past years I have hosted some and they were so much fun and very successful.
I so want to host another!!


Not until the new year.
When the Holidays are over and we can get down to some serious sewing!!


I would love your input.
Ideas... When I have about 5 ideas, I will put up a poll and see what everyone thinks!
Keep in mind...
I would like to use modern fabrics. (to me this means new lines we love within the last year or two)
100% cotton, quilt shop quality.
How many blocks to exchange?
How many in a group?
Or one large group?
Themed such as Houses?
Tradition such as the nine patch with modern fabrics?

My ideas? I have a few but first I would like to hear from you!

What do you think??


  1. I absolutely loved your Halloween Swap. I'd join whatever you do!

  2. I am in love with star blocks lately. You could say all stars in Kona "snow" and any modern fabrics for corners and sides. The Kona would tie all the blocks together.

  3. I really enjoy swaps but I have been a little stung on several of them lately by people not sending me anything, or being late and not letting me know that. I think smaller groups grow more intimacy and probably lessen that problem. I like to get enough blocks to do something with them so 10 or 12 people minimum. Themes are fun, but could be a colour theme or a type of block theme or an object theme.

  4. Block swaps!? I LOVE them.I have many plans for MORE! LOL I'd love another swap to participate in...color or themed. I think smaller groups work better too.

  5. I have become hooked on "Wonky" star blocks

  6. Jane I love swaps...havent done one in a long time but I'd love to join yours! I agree 12 in a group is nice. It's big enough to do something with deep ding on the size of the blocks. Blessings, Marlene

  7. Would love another swap! Wonky stars would be fun. Maybe something that respresented each month or a certain color theme. LOVE the idea. Jenn

  8. If you used a King's Crown block and had a group of 12, color themed with Fall, Spring colors etc., I bet you would get a lot of variation in just the way each person placed their colors in their blocks. This block happens to be one that I love to play with because of the way it changes just with color manipulation. You would keep groups of 12 just so all would end up with 12 blocks for a quilt, but you could have a couple of groups. Just a thought and my 2 cents. JudyCnNC

  9. Hi Jane!
    I agree with all of the above, but I think a standard, easy to make block is a good idea, with the same center or outside colours, etc to tie them all together.
    I'd like to join in the New Year too!
    Take care, Leslie.

  10. I haven't done a swap since the Around the World Quilt with Summer Sadie.......and I absolutely TREASURE that is sooo my thought would be to do another quilt like that! I love raw edge applique and paper piecing, but I know a lot of people would prefer traditional blocks....anyway wonky is REALLY good too and I adore making 'scenes' I guess I haven't given you ANY ideas at all!!! LOL

  11. Howdy Miss Jane,

    I'm one of your wantobe's....I would love to join in a swap. Maybe I will win some stuff from Madame Samm's campaign so that I can join. Thank you for being my sponsor. Happy Wednesday!

  12. A dozen..not a dozen groups lol just 12 in one group...and yes I am in ...of course... now what? lol

  13. 12 is a good number...maybe a "signature" type block with the central signature piece being a fabric that would symbolize the block maker....e.g. doglovers could use doggy fabric, someone who lives in a beachy place could use that kind of fabric. There are many traditional signature blocks in would be a fun way to remember the members of the swap

  14. I'll add my two cents worth - I think 12 inch blocks with 12 in a group. 2012 is the year of the dragon - but that is probably too specific. Thematically we could choose forests or oceans, but that might not tie in with the use of modern fabrics. So practically speaking, how about a wonky traditional block like a star, a churn dash, a nine patch or log cabin. We would probably need to nominate the use of a specific fabric as feature or background to tie the blocks together.

  15. Hey Jane, I'd like to do a swap with smaller blocks than 12", maybe 9 " instead. I love themes, the houses idea is awesome, or animals at the zoo, forest animals, beach theme, furniture.

  16. I'd love to know what's involved with a block swap, how they work etc. I've seen lots of them around but haven't done any...

  17. Would love the idea of doing a house block. Thanks for taking this on.

  18. I would love to participate but I don't think I want to do a "theme" but if you have several ideas maybe one of them will fit for me.
    I would love do some kind of traditional block done modern.

  19. Oh definitely count me in. I've never participated in a block swap so whatever you do will be fine with me. How does it work?? Oh, I'll just wait and find out and join the fun. Jan. is a very good idea...after the holidays...maybe some new sewing stuff from Santa to play with...winter is perfect for sewing. I didn't know about your Halloween swap. How did I miss that? Anyhoo, I want to be in YOUR Group.
    Gmama Jane

  20. BTW, where can I go to learn how to do a Flickr stream?? Is it easy? Remember, when you answer I'm the OTHER Jane, not YOU the Jane who can do all this fancy schmancy computer stuff.
    The Other Jane

  21. Jane, I would love to be in your swap again. I was in the Halloween swap and the ATWQS. This is just an idea but I haven't seen a flower quilt swap done. It could be in all different colors. Here is a very easy tulip pattern.

    Hope you can open this link.


I always love to hear your thoughts!