Sunday, September 5, 2010

Getting ready for a move………

Not my blog, but US!!
After living in this house for 25 years and raising our three girls here; we are moving!!
We are doing this for three reasons….

#1 Closer to older daughter and SIL and Little T. It will be much easier for the kids when they drop him off to me in the morning. (we live 15 minutes away now, but I would love to cut that to 5)!!!

#2 Closer to now married daughter and SIL. They live downtown Chicago. This would cut their commute to see us by 25 minutes or more.

#3 Maggie started High School and the compute is 25 minutes. We would love her to be closer to school and her new friends.

So…….We are moving because we want to!!

But, 25 years of stuff……
Takes a lot of work.
A lot of boxes.
And a lot of time.

See you when the house is listed, hopefully in a week to 10 days!!

Hugs to all!!


  1. Good luck with your move! So much work ahead of you!

  2. Yes good luck, it is so much work but then sometimes these things will just have to be to make life a bit easier.
    Take care

  3. But with that work of packing and decluttering the house to can also declutter your life..

    We put our house on the market last year and I still haven't pulled everything out of I like it uncluttered...even though it didn't sell..we still bought a new one! lol

  4. I can so relate. We have been moving from a house we have lived in for over 30 years! Still working at it too. It is a big job, but we really wanted to move too. Hope your move goes well.

  5. Wow Jane, that's quite a piece of news! Good for you, moving for all the right reasons! We totally took advantage of our last move 10 years ago, after living in our first house for 15 years, to clean out and purge the house of all unnecessary items. I felt so bad for the garbage man that summer! But it made the actual move so much better and just felt good to unclutter our lives.

    Have fun with it!


  6. moving - ugh! I don't envy you but I am happy for you as I know you are, too! Here's hoping it will be an easy transition!

  7. Happy packing! Sounds like a great reason to move.

  8. Good luck with your move Jane! My family is also getting ready for our move. We'll be buying our first home though- very exciting!!☺

  9. Good luck with your move! All those bits of life tucked into the crevices of your house. I'm sure you will find some hidden treasures that you long forgot about.

  10. I'm in the unpacking boxes stage, but our move went great! Hope yours does too! :-)

  11. Good luck with the move Jane..Sounds like lots of good reasons to move...and have a bit of a declutter at the same time..5 minutes to Little T...wonderful!
    Julia ♥

  12. Good luck, Jane. Now the fun starts. Just wait until you see all the stuff you've accumulated.

    The best part about moving? The purging! And you're doing it for all the right reasons too.

  13. When we decided to move (after 33 years in the same house), we needed a full year to really purge and get things ready for a big move! It isn't easy, was worth it in the end. Good luck with all of it! (We also rented a storage unit and cleared some furniture out of the house so it showed more "spacious"....suggestion of the real estate gal and she was right!!!)

  14. You're going to find a lot of stuff you didn't know you still had! Have fun (ha ha) packing and sorting - hopefully you'll get a beauty of a sewing room in your new house!! Less time in the car is more time with family and friends (and in the sewing room). Hope it all goes well. We'll be thinking of you!

  15. OH NO....WOW girl....I'll be cheering you on. What a great sentiment for moving. I don't blame you one bit!!

  16. Sooooo much work!! I barely made it through moving from a house we lived in for 11 years!

    Hope you have lots of help!!

  17. Got the dumpster in place, boy would I love to go dumpster diving in that dumpster...HA!!! Yes, I am white trash...what of it?????

    Good luck with your move, seems like it is a win win.

  18. A move for us 5 years ago was to downsize. It was refreshing to the point of getting rid of stuff, but I wasn't quilting then so didn't think of a sewing room for me.
    Find a house where you can set up a super studio!
    I'm feeling your excitement! And closer to "T", well that's the best!

  19. Wow, big decision but for all the right reasons! I wish you the best of luck in your move! This is a great time to purge.

  20. oh my gosh jane ... you go from the frying pan right into the fryer. wedding, busy busy busy to moving!! Holy Cow. Wishing you the best and an easy packing/move. This is life changing!

  21. You did it. Congratulations. I hope you all will be very happy.

  22. Hi Jane, this is so exciting and such a happy news that you are moving to be closer to your family :)
    Moving involves so much work... hope yours is easy and quick :)
    Take care!


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