Monday, November 30, 2009

A Crafty Thanksgiving….

We started our Thanksgiving Day by driving to downtown Chicago to our daughter’s home. She lives on Michigan Ave on the 23rd floor. This is the view from her balcony.
You can see the Sears Tower!

We then walked to the Christmas parade, the only bad part was not the walk or the weather, it was we did not arrive early enough and we missed some of the parade, bummer…
Next, we walked to the Kriskindlemart. This was opening day for the German Market. Of course, we ate; we had potato pancakes, schnitzel sandwich and Hot Cocoa. We looked at the vendors and our youngest daughter got her traditional Nesting doll for her collection.
We decided to come back on a different day as we had Thanksgiving dinner to look forward to!!
While we were waiting, we started a Christmas craft I was hoping to make for my studio tree.
As you can see, I needed candy, fabric, pinking shears, Rick rack and a glue gun.

We cut the fabric into rectangles and added a piece of candy.

Then rolled it up and secured it with a dot of the glue gun.

We tied the ends with the Rick Rack.

I am now going to stitch the ends together to make a candy garland for my tree.

Dinner cut the creating short but was well worth it, what a wonderful dinner, and wish I had some now!!
After dinner, we all headed back home where my oldest daughter, her husband and TT joined us and we all had fresh homemade pie and cheesecake. Super fun day!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!


  1. Clever candy garland. I'll have to tell my daughter about Kristlemart. She may already be aware since she loves investigating the city.

  2. I love that idea! You are going to have one sweet tree! What a view your daughter has too. There are definitely advantages to being in the city.

  3. I love the candy garland. What a neat idea!
    Your pictures are great of Chicago. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Sounds like a truly wonderful day... and love the candy garland - I have a friend who made one using florist wire... if you put beads in the middle instead of lollies you could re-use it... but that wouldn't be as sweet - lol

  5. Sounds wonderful, Jane - I was in Chicago just over 2 years ago - loved it! Have just been to a wonderful weekend retreat at Avalon!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Love those little decortations! How cute. And wonderful view of the city as well.

  7. I think I need a tree for the sewing room so I can make that garland!!!!

    I have always loved Chicago. It is one of my favorite cities to visit. To live on Michigan Ave. would be a, fun, fun.

    Where is the picture of the stacking doll????? My dad would bring me those when he traveled and my sisiter and I loved them.

  8. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving. I love the way you wrapped the candy, very clever.

  9. What a great garland idea! And how fun to spend Thanksgiving in Chicago!

  10. What a fun Thanksgiving. Time spent with family, seeing fun sites, eating good food, etc. Sounds wonderful!

  11. Your candy garland will be so cute. Clever idea!

  12. What a view!
    Cute idea for the garland too. Glad you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

  13. Love your candy garland and the pictures....glad you had a good Thanksgiving!!!

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Love the garland idea but worry about the real candy inside. I could just imagine ants invading my Christmas storage box in the off season!

  15. Jane that is perfect. I love the garland!! What a great project for little ones to.

  16. The gum is really cute. What a great idea. I used to love being in the city and going to parades when I was a kid near philadelphia.

  17. Thanks for stopping by. Love the poppers for garland.

    Abbey Lane Quilts

  18. What a clever idea,
    definitely bookmarking this one.


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