Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scraps not Swaps…

Everyone knows I love swaps!
There is another thing I love too!
I love scraps of fabric!
Not scraps of paper or food, but fabric!
What a happy girl am I, to receive someone else’s scraps of fabric!
It is amazing the fabrics you can receive from a scrap bag. Fabrics, I might overlook at the quilt shop become a treasure when you only have a small bit!
It could have just the perfect color, or little picture that you need to finish a block. This is what I LOVE to do with scraps!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I love scrappy quilts and should really make more of them. I do keep a big shopping near my cutting table and I call it Barb's Bag. I put my leftovers in it and donate them to friend Barb. She makes lots of charity quilts and is always thrilled with her bags of goodies.

  2. Like Stephanie, I have a "Barb Bag". I am thinking of making a scrap quilt myself though. Trying to squeeze that in my schedule!

  3. Aren't scraps fun! I spy our mutually loved house fabric in this block!

  4. OH...I'm with you Jane...I LOVE someone else's scraps..LOVE...LOVE
    LOVE matter what size the scrap is!!!

  5. I love scraps! It's even more fun when they are someone else's scraps :)

    I save almost all my scraps to use in string or scrappy quilts later. I'm working on a string quilt now to hopefully put a dent in my scrap drawer(s). Not making much a dent yet though :)

  6. The thing that makes that block so great is your selection of fabrics. Love the bird in the middle square.

  7. I love scraps too and love the block you made. What is that called? Instructions Please!!!!!!!!! I make lots of charity quilts and been doing the string blocks but like yours too.
    Please let me know at

  8. I say Scrap on Jane....Scrap on!!

  9. Me too!
    One person's scraps are another person's quilt /treasure!
    Julia ♥

  10. Only just found you and I am soo disappointed I missed out on the Halloween swap!
    How do I sign up for the next one?

  11. Hi Anonymous, there is not pattern, just have fun, tooznie, you were a no-reply so I hope you read this, sign up will be first week of September and I would love to have you, but I need a way to contact you.

  12. love, love, love your scrappy block! ☺

  13. Oh I totally agree with you 100%. What others throw away can be just the perfect thing you need!
    Love how you put your scraps together.. very cute!

  14. Sew true my dear. This block is ssw cute!

  15. Beautiful block!! I really love scraps too! I find that I am more appreciative of smaller pieces of fabric than the larger ones for some reasons.


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