Thursday, May 7, 2009


More Blocks arrived, we are missing a few, MIA in the postal system, as soon as they arrive, we will be all set.

Sudi-Laura-Section 3 Light Green- Mavrick Star
What a beautiful color green!!

Lise Section 4 Orange Pinwheel
Look at the perfect points and the great fabrics!

Lise Section 5 Dark Green Mini Bowties
I just love her fabric choices!

Lise was also kind and sent me some goodies. A beautiful address book filled with quilting and crafting illustrations. This will be my blogger book, filled with address’s and blog sites.
Also an issue of Australian Homespun Magazine (came with an oven mitt). I am so excited to receive this. Tonight all cozy in my bed, I am going to look at each and every single page. Thank you Lise!


  1. i am enjoying very much watching all the blocks come in. what a fun swap.

  2. Thanks again, Jane - looking wonderful! Gee, you are a good hostess!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes of their blocks.

  4. Have been watching for awhile. Love all the great blocks and color choices. Is there an opening? What are the rules, etc?

  5. Yea! I love Lise's orange block. I'm so happy I'm in section 4!

  6. So much fun to watch all those pretty blocks come in. I'm really loving orange more and more.

  7. I love looking at all those blocks!

  8. Hi! I found your site through Shanna at Quilts by Design. The rainbow blocks are great! You have a ton of projects going on! It's been fun to check them all out!


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