Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pay it Forward Gift.....

Well. You will never guess what happened today, the mail came, well of course the mail came, that is not the “you’ll never guess part” My Pay it Forward gift arrived. Remember the rules, nothing to big, something that would fit in am envelope. Well, Merrie from Where the Blackbirds Sing sent this along. Does this look like she followed the rules!! Look at all this delightful stuff; there are things for me, things for the new puppy, things for Millie and Sophie and even things for my daughter, AND they are pink!! Thank you so much for your kindness. My daughter will be very excited when she comes home from school and the fur babies are also grateful. As well as am I. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, xoxoxo Jane
PS the fur girls are playing with their new toys, just in time, my fabric rep. is on the way over!


  1. I am glad you liked these lil things; That pacifier is one of Murphy's favorite toys ( yes we bought it for the baby Bitsy, but he loved it wayyyy more than she does!LOL)And the "rules" did not say how MANY envelopes the stuff could be in ; LOL ; well, it would fit in a couple;)The mugs insisted that we include their favorite "nummy" for the girls; and balls are a big favorite around here for all of them; I just have to watch them closely because they crunch them quickly and I am always afraid they will eat it or choke on it, but as long as I watch them and throw it; we have a fetch-it so you don't have to touch slobbery balls LOL!!! Hope you are having fun; it is sunny,but cold today! I just hate winter! And cold! I have been working on Murphy's itch problem; he was at the vet's on Fri; it started on Labor Day weekend; because that is when they always get ill; or get a boo-boo; on holidays! My usual remedies did not work so I took him in and had them clean his glands; which did well for a day or two; I think it is his food so he is going back to his old standby. I hope Millie and Sophie are doing well; these girls here have been roughhousing the past week; just being wildly playful!!! Talk to you soon; Merrie and the mugs

  2. Hi, The fur girls are playing tug-a-way with the pacifier. The puppy takes it and Millie Chases her all over. When she gets it, she hides it under her tummy. Also, my daughter was thrilled with her goodies. Thank you again. Yes, I spent to much money with my fabric rep. but I just had to have it!! Hugs, Jane


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