Saturday, August 16, 2008


I thought I would share a little bit about my childhood. I loved Barbie, I was born September 16, 1955 and Barbie was born on March 9th 1959. I got my first Barbie for Christmas 1960.

In those days you would get a little booklet with your doll

and I would spend hours looking and hoping for certain outfits. You had one doll, and the outfits were sold separately.

I then was lucky enough to get Ken, her boyfriend,

Midge her best friend

and Skipper her little sister.

One Christmas I received the whole wedding Party Outfit. It was the best!

I still have my Barbie things and whenever my girls, (27, 24, 12) were sick, they would be allowed to play with my Barbie and clothes. When I was little, I would go to bed and when I would wake up in the morning my Barbie had a new outfit on ,that my Mom had made for me! I know some of the items look old and very well loved and may be worth money, but I would not part with them, not even for a million dollars!! Jane


  1. Hey! I want to come home and play Barbie!

  2. Jane it sounds like you had a wonderful childhood. I wasn't allowed to have a Barbie because she had boobs. My mother thought that was terrible. So I got a Tammy doll. She was just a little girl. What fun your mom would make clothes for your doll. What a great memory.

  3. Thanks Tracey, it is a wonderful memory for me.

  4. Hi Jane, I just found your blog and there was Barbie! I had a different hairstyle on my Barbie, she had black hair and I always called it the "bubble-head hair-do"! I had Skipper and Ken and Midge too, but I ended up giving them all to my little sister who was seven years younger than I. She was such a tomboy, who knows what she did with them! Thanks for the great memories! Kathy L

  5. Thank you Kathy, I am so glad it was a happy memory for you too!

  6. Sorry for all the comments but I am really enjoying your blog. I have a questions for you. That dog next to Midge? Is that just a stuffed one or is it a purse? I have a Barbie calendar that came with some stickers and that dog is one of them. Also, on a blog called Two Crazy Crafters, Lindsey the daughter does Barbie Wednesdays and I think you might seeing her collection.

  7. Ohhhhh, come on over, we can play Barbies together! I have mine still and never did let my daughter play with her. BAD mommy! I didn't want her ruined so waited for my daughter to grow up some, then next thing I knew she wasn't interested in Barbie anymore. I LOVE how you said your Barbie would have new clothes on in the morning - care of your mom. My mom sewed clothes for my Barbie too ) a LOVELY green velvet dress with a matching hat was one favorite. My older sister knit outfits for her! I would not sell mine either. I should showcase her in my new sewing room. ;)


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