Friday, July 25, 2008

Running of the Brides…..

What a wonderful and so very fun day! As I mentioned, my middle daughter is getting married in 2010. She attends the University of Chicago Grad School and lives right downtown. We live about 45 min. west. She thought it might be fun to attend the once in a year event at Filene's Basement called, The Running of the Brides. If you are not familiar with the event, once a year they take all their wedding gowns, put them in one place and price them, $299. $499 and $699, many of these dresses cost $1000 or more. The doors open and everyone piles in. You go with a team to help you; many of the team’s wear matching T-shirts. You grab an armload of dresses, find a spot anywhere and start to try them on. What a crazy place. Now because she is not getting married until 2010, we did not except to get a dress, but boy was it fun and now she knows just what she wants. Maybe next year we will camp out. I took some pictures, to show you our adventure……

Arriving at the Union Station Train Station

My Girls outside of Filene's, My youngest in the pink 12, The Bride to be, and her married sister of two years

Just a peek at how the dresses were laid out

The Bride and (tired) Mom on the way out

Our next stop Marshall’s Fields (now Macys) to look at bridesmaid dresses.

It took us a while to get there because we had to stop at the make-up counter and mix our own lip gloss. You get to pick the gloss, what color or colors to add, what scent, sun block and lip puffer. (I know we all need puffy lips)

Well, a quick drink, a peek at dresses and then no trip downtown would be complete without a stop at Garrett for their famous popcorn balls. They are simply to die for. This was such a fun day for all!! Maybe I will quilt a little tonight…… Jane

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