Friday, April 3, 2009

Rainbow Swap Blocks…

I have a wonderful woman as my mail carrier, so this is what she brought today.

Nann is in two groups. Here are her blocks.
Nann- Section One Purple Churn Dash
What a great purple!

Nann-Section Five Maroon Friendship Star

Thanks Nann, love them!

We have Emily
Emily-Section Two Red Basket
Look at all the wonderful reds!!

In addition, I also received Nanette’s
Nanette-Section One Orange Mini Bow Tie
Because of Nanette, I have fallen in love with orange, I love this block too!

She also snuck in a little surprise for me! Some of her to die for fabrics! And I do not have any of theses prints. Thank you so much for the surprise, you know I love them all!!

I hope by Monday, I will have more blocks to share with you. Thank you all, this is such fun for me and I hope you are enjoying it also. Have a Happy Weekend, till Monday


  1. Can't wait to see what everyone does with their blocks. :o) Looks like everyone is having lots of fun.

  2. It's sure fun to see these blocks...and they are arriving so fast! Those fabrics from Nanette look WONDERFUL!

  3. OK, OK I'll get working on mine! Sheesh! quick question...I'm working on them, but I can't quite get mine to come out to a perfect 12.5 inch square! I checked my seams to make sure the foot really is a 1/4 foot and it is! I don't know what's going wrong, this seems like operator trouble to me. Any hints?

  4. I love all the blocks you have received thus far. I am loving the orange too! Nanette is a sweetie, those fabrics are great!

  5. The rainbow swap blocks are looking fabulous! What fun to sort those out!!

  6. Guess what? I am about to trial some new red fabrics when I get off this darned computer - I may end up being the Queen of Change!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. all are going to have sooo much fun with all these wonderful blocks!!
    Love the Nanette fabric goodies too!

  8. I wish you'd host another one....wishful thinking I know!

  9. So glad you received the blocks. Relized I forgot your note. Please know how much I appreciate your work to bring this together. The blocks are looking great.

  10. These colors are fabulous. Will be fun to see the finished project.

    Just wanted your to know that your package has arrived safely in South Dakota. The fabric print is so fun. It's a project to look forward to when school gets out!
    Take care ~Natalie

  11. Beautiful blocks you got so far. That Nanette is just so generous. Cute fabrics she sent you.

  12. wow, beautiful blocks. The quilts are going to be so pretty and colorful.
    Nanette's fabrics are the sweetest :D

  13. Thanks again for all your work on this swap. I'm glad it is you and not me!!! haha

    Cute blocks. Love the churndash.

  14. Jane, I'm glad you are posting the blocks as they arrive, they inspire me to get mine done!


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