Saturday, April 11, 2009

I just could not find any…..

What do you put into a month old baby’s Easter basket? Books of course, a new outfit? Burp cloths? Or some toys! Yes toys! Now as you know at one month they can see black, white and red. Those toys are everywhere!! SURE until you need them! So, I decided to make him a crib hanging. I know he is still in the bassinet but he could hang out in the crib for a while and look at this. For a very last minute idea, it is not too bad.

I was so happy with the back because I just got this fabric and later my daughter can switch it around for him.

See, I actually use the fabric I buy!!

Also, as I was searching through my black and white scrapes, I found these blocks! I made these about 15 years ago. I made up the pattern, have no idea if I can find it, but I just love them.

So, I am going to join Jacqu1e “Spring to Finish” Challenge.

I have ten 10.5 inch blocks finished. I do not have any more of the fabric so ten it is; I hope to alternate them with other blocks. But I have no idea what to do, any ideas??? I do not have much time, but I am going to try and get this finished!!

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter


  1. You get to do all of these fun things for your little one....and I know he will love what you made for him. I do and I am old...heheee

  2. Oh, he is gonna love that!! When my first granddaughter was born her MOM spotted a piece of black and white fabric in my stash and we hung it over the back seat of the car with safety pins. Grace would stare at it forever while traveling in the car.

  3. Oh wow ... that little black and white quilt is going to be just right for the little man - brilliant idea. x

  4. Cute crib hanging for little t. Happy Easter.

  5. How cute! You know, the blocks you ran across would make a great floor quilt for baby tummy time! Lots of bright colors to stimulate the little one's eyes!

  6. oh, that is a awesome first sights crib hanging!

  7. Take how many blocks you 24. 4 across, 6 down. Minus the ten.. so you have 14 just regular blocks you can alternate in. If you do a yellow and bright green and blue, you would need 5 of two of the colors and 4 of the other.

    I'd cut out 10.5 squares of the colors and alternate in the blocks. And maybe a black to tie it all together.

    Is that what you were looking for?

    I can't believe I am giving you quilt are the quilting godness!

  8. I just re-read that question and I feel dumb. You weren't asking what I answered!!

    I would just go with a solid color block or even a black. Keeping it simple. Those blocks are pretty busy!

    Sorry about my first comment!

  9. I love the cheerful fabrics! Happy Easter ~Natalie

  10. You are a clever gran!
    As for your blocks, I was going to suggest the same as Kritta22, use solids similar to the colours you've used. You could even make them into blocks with the same pattern or similar to that of your multi-colourd blocks. You're a brave woman to accept the Spring to finish challenge!


  11. Hope you had a nice easter. Baby's first easter, too!

  12. What a good idea.. the thing to hang on the crib! The baby will love the back side too.. I know.

    And the blocks..looks like a nine-patch on point with some strips.. can't wait to see how you finish them. Very bright and colorful!


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