Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh when the blocks….

Come marching in…

Karen- Section 2 Purple Shoo-Fly

What a beautiful purple fabric!

Perfect points too!!

Also Karen Section 5 Orange Shoo-Fly

I know many people will be so happy with this orange fabric!

Karen also knows I love cherry fabric so she sent me this vintage piece and a card she made. Thank you so much Karen, just love them!!

Lurline Section 1 Red pinwheels


Lurline , like me changed her mind a few times, I loved them all and I love this one too!

Michelle Section 1 Light Blue - True Blue

What a block all points, perfect and such a sweet fat quarter for Little T. I will use it for sure, thank you Michelle!

Barbie Section 1 Yellow Bear Paw

Look at all the work that went into this block! and thank you so much for the fabric for little T. It is wonderful!

Barbie is also in Section 5 Purple Ohio Star

Another beauty!!

Sherry Section 2 Orange Over and Under

What a neat block!

Sherry is also in Section 5 Yellow Lantern Patch

Another fun block!!

Rachel Section 5 Light Green Pinwheel Star

Such a pretty block and guess what Rachel now has a blog, stop by and say Hi!!

She also gave me this notebook and book-marks thanks Rachel!!

Rachel Section 1 Light Green Patience Corners

I really like the look of this block!! You could do some wonderful quilting in the white areas!

Sue Section 3 Yellow Mini Bow Ties

Such a cute block, I love the different fabrics and the applique square in the middle!!

So at the end of this week, I am happy to say Group 1 is complete!!!!

Group 3, I am pulling for you this week as Friday is May 1st. But I bet those machines have been humming all weekend. Thanks everyone!!


  1. wow alot back today, I just love the oranges.

  2. Love them all....everyone did a great job too!!!

  3. So happy you got my blocks! Thanks Jane. I love everyone's blocks!

  4. Jane, How exciting for you to get all these wonderful blocks - not Over the Moon for you - Somewhere Over the Rainbow, te,he! as they say!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Some really interesting blocks. All look beautifully pieced. Love the orange!

  6. So fun! Love all the blocks!

  7. Such lovely blocks! What a talented lot...

  8. Very petty blocks. I see these all the time in antique shop & auctions, I enjoy looking but prefer to buy the feedsacks whole ...

    Have a great day.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  9. How pretty! They all are. I can't wait to see a quilt done with these.

  10. Those are gorgeous, gorgeous blocks!

  11. Everyone did such wonderful work--I want each one!

  12. They are all so gorgeous! I'll say it again I wish I was in every group!

  13. What fun you must be having when the mailman comes! I am loving all the wonderful blocks.

  14. Yayy for group one! I love some of the blocks there. Well all of them. But some are really ones I would make too. How fun. I really can't wait to put mine together. I wonder what I'll border it with . . . hmmmmmmm


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