Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Sister's Shower.....

Oh my we were lucky enough to have another wonderful weekend, full of bridal fun!!!
My two daughters gave their sister a bridal shower on Sunday. It was held at my oldest daughter home and she and Maggie did a wonderful job.
My heart did break for Becky when she called to say the AC was not working, but despite a little heat we had a wonderful time!
I would love to share a few pictures with you of this special day.
Once again, my girls!!

Adam, Becky and Little T

Little T

Our Stars of the show!!!!

Family Pics!

My sister and I….

My sister’s girls…..

Cousins, 6 girls!! Lots of Weddings to plan!!!!

Moms and daughters….

Enjoying lunch together…

My girl!

Gift time.

She received so many wonderful gifts. People were so kind and generous to the young couple!
I am going to show you two. The gifts from her sisters included a basket full of kitchen gadgets that you might use once a year but really need.

Also two wonderful sets of spices, one for baking and one for cooking.

The theme of the shower was cooking, the girls asked everyone to bring some of their favorite recipes to put in a book they bought for Emily to help her start off her recipe collection.

The last gift the sisters gave Emily was a book filled with sister pictures, to the words of “Sisters, Sisters” (from White Christmas) it was a very touching moment for all.

Here she is with “the quilt”.

I was explaining to all the guests that some of the fabric was purchased by Emily when she was in Paris for me. I have saved it for years and so glad that I did.

Showing Randy the Paris fabric.

On to the desserts. Look at how cute these cakes and petit-fours are!!! Not only cute but YUMMY too!!

A wonderful day was had by all and I am so proud of my beautiful girls.
I love you all so very, very, much! xoxoxo

It is coming……..


  1. It looks like it was a positively delightful day. I am sure there were many tears shed over the pictures, recipes and the gorgeous quilt

  2. What a wonderful day. I love the idea of the kitchen shower. We need to see more pictures of the quilt.

  3. Jane, You have such a beautiful family! What a fabulous time everyone had. A beautiful quilt, Jane!! Job well done! You just have to love the dessert, especially the one with the PINK bow! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Looks like you all ahd a wonderful day. With heat or not you all put it all together and still had fun.

  5. What a lovey day is was...everyone looks so happy and enjoying themselves..
    This is a great start to a wonderful life for the bride and groom..
    Little T is so cute and gorgeous, I bet he was having a great time too!
    Love the quilt !
    Julia ♥

  6. Happy Family times! A lot of work went into making things special for your daughter.

  7. How fun Jane....what lovely pictures...that cake looks so yummy....

    I know this is an exciting time for all of you...and it sounds like you are enjoying every minute of it.

  8. "the quilt" is beautiful! what a truly special gift from the heart and hands...

  9. Another fabulous family celebration! There are some really fantastic family photos there! Hope all the rest of the wedding plans go so well too!

  10. Looks like another wonderful celebration! You can really see and feel the love everyone has for each other in the pictures. Wonderful!

  11. What fun!! Takes me back to my prewedding parties - such a splendid time!!

    I love petit fours and I saw several cooking gadgets in that basket that I NEED!!

    I was hopping I could click on a pic of that beautiful quilt to see the fabs closer, but I couldn't. Darn!

  12. Great pictures Jane! It seems like a fun time was had by all. Love the colors in that quilt you made!

  13. It is so impressive - the quilt. I love it. Good for you. It is good to have such a wonderful event over, you've got a lot going on. The cake is fantastic.

  14. Jane, your pictures are gorgeous...what a fabulous shower and I just LOVE the kitchen theme for the party... the idea of everyone getting the bride a recipe is awesome and so thoughtful! I think it should be automatically become a tradition :)
    Your quilt is so beautiful... I would love to see it upclose some time :)

  15. Oh, what a fun shower and everyone looks like they are having such fun. And the wedding quilt!!! Love it. It is beautiful and I love blue and yellow quilts.


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