Sunday, June 13, 2010

Giveaway Day 7

Day 7!!!!

It has been a great week. I would love to welcome all my new followers and I hope to get around and visit all of you very soon. Thank you to the followers I already have and to all the wonderful readers and comments. I have had a blast this week.
To my international friends, I am starting Day 7 ,my time,
USA Central Time at 12:01 AM.
This will give you a chance to send in your entries because this will all end

USA Central Time 12:00 PM June 13th.

Thank you and to other 400 posts!!!

Here we go Day 7 !!

Today you have a chance to win one yard of Bloom & Grow
and a 5 inch square charm pack of this line by Riley Blake.

I will ONLY accept entries by email

Pnkcndy at sbcglobal dot net

On that email please copy and paste this form with the points added up for me.

One point to email_____

Two points to heart my etsy shop_____

Three points to become a follower or tell me you already are_____

Three points to post and link my giveaway button to my blog______

Six points to post and link my store button to my store link which is _____

Ten points for a purchase for more than $5.00 (does not include shipping) from my eBay or etsy store_____

Total Points_____

Email address_______________

Here are the buttons and the necessary links to help you accomplish any or all of these tasks.

Please link this giveaway button to

Please link my store button to

To shop please visit my
Etsy Store
Good Luck!!!!!