Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun Finds....

Last week Elaine (AKA The Truffle Queen) and I went to a quilting garage sale. A former shop owner had to sadly close her doors and after many weeks of 30% to 40% to 50% to 60%, off her store; the poor girl still had some items left….
Off we went...

I of course got my fabric when it was discounted at the store, but you know us quilters; we never pass up a chance for a fabric sale!!

If you have been reading my blog you know that I do not like to piece, I LOVE to hand quilt!!
Look at this beautiful top I found. Just sitting and waiting for Janie to take her home and quilt her; now I just hope she does not end up in my UFO pile!
Look at this pink border. To die for, right??!!

I also found this very pretty fabric, which has white churches on an ecru background.

My other find was from etsy; it is the Japanese Book that everyone is raving about; it took less than a week to arrive at my home from Japan!!

MMM cozy in bed with a good book, now that is the life!!


  1. Wow.. what a find! I love all the cherries in that quilt top. Fruit fabric is one of my favorite! You are going to have fun quilting that up. You will do it!

  2. Great quilt find! Perhaps a fall/winter project to keep you warm and cozy while hand quilting?

  3. Great buys, Jane!

    I just love that quilt top.

  4. Fabric is such an addiction!
    And you are right, everyone is buying Japanese quilt books. Nanette (of Freda's Hive) got us all started in this area.

  5. Well it's a sad situation for her, but obviously a happy one for you. You will remember her through the fabrics you aquired.
    I love the colourful cheery!

  6. Love the quilt....the fabric...and the, what a combo....Life does not get better than than that but you need to add that grandbaby to it and it will be splendid.

  7. Lovely find, Jane. Those prints are gorgeous. It's going to be so pretty and summery when all done.
    Have fun!
    The Japanese book is perfect to flip through in a lazy afternoon :)

  8. Great find! I love the cherry fabrics! It will look great hand quilted up! Nice book too!

  9. That's one kind of garage sale I would never pass up - and what great finds, Jane! You're going to have so much fun quilting that top!

  10. Great buys that quilt, very you, happy and fun!
    Enjoy your new book.
    Julia ♥

  11. Oh you are the opposite of me; I love to piece but hate to quilt!
    Wonderful find at the quilting garage sale!

  12. Hi Jane, so sad for the quilt store owner but so lucky for you. Great finds, love the quilt. Now I'm off to see all the blogs that made the cute Halloween blocks. I've been following this and ya have had so much fun.
    Keep Stitchen'

  13. Could you please link the etsy shop that has the japanese book so I can order one? I found a japanese quilt book but not sure it's the same one--the front cover isn't shown. I've been smitten by japanese fabrics, etc all of a sudden! And the church fabric is darling. I collect churches so especially liked that one. Enjoy your quilting!

  14. Great quilt! I have been looking for the same book. Could you send me to a site so that I may purchase it?


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