Saturday, August 22, 2009

Does anyone know......

Hi Halloween Swappers!!
Just a quick post. I have heard from everyone but two of our girls. I have sent emails; I have posted to their blog; but still no answer. I am not the least bit worried about their blocks, I am worried about them!! Does anyone know these two girls? And if so, anyway I can reach them? Thank you!!

Chen (link)

Lise (link)

Thank you, I just want to know that they are OK!!!!


  1. I checked out the two sites you listed, but I do not know of them--sorry. Halloween is not my 'thing" I prefer just doing a fall decorating, but I must say some of those blocks sure are cute!!!!
    Hugs, just, Di (siggy Partner)

  2. I have emailed Chen lately, too. I haven't heard back and am hoping she's on a fun vacation.

  3. Sorry Jane, Don't know them! Wish I could help.

  4. Hi Jane...ready to mail tomorrow!Why can I not find your snail mail address?

  5. Jane,
    I have come by to tell you I have given you an award.. some folks are award free just wanted you to know I love your blog :)


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