Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fun! and More Confunsion

In yesterday's post I talked about Google Reader Alternatives.
I really like Feedly but found this article and thought,
Hey why not add to our confusion!

Five Best Google Reader Alternatives


Now these are fun! Really Fun!
I am hooked on Hexies!

Hmm, did I hear mention of a Hexie Hop this Summer?
I better get started!!

Hexies listed in my store...


  1. Hi
    Could you please post a quick tutorial on how to use these hexagons - are they for cutting out or can you use them instead of papers. I would love to know more about them before I order some. Thanks a lot.

  2. Can you tell more about the hexie hop? I'd like to join!

  3. I got mine from you and LOVE them, thanks!!
    Also- Did you know about the petition for Google reader to stay? The link is at Change.,org and they only need another 48,000 to stay! They have over 151,+++ now. Hre's the link and please help spread the word.


  4. Hm, hexie hop, that sounds interesting.

  5. A hexi hop? That sounds like a ton of fun!
    I like Feedly, but I'm still not a hundred per cent sure it's the one I want to stick with. I tried Old Reqder and am not wildly impressed - I think it's quite slow.

  6. Those hexies are sure cute!


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