Monday, November 8, 2010

Goals for 2010....Done Early

My goals for 2010 are realized!! I set enough goals to keep me busy and yet not seem overwhelmed. I have them listed on my side-bar. I will now be able to remove that and at a later date add my 2011 goals.

BUT for today.

I DID IT!!!!!

My Daughter’s Wedding Quilt…Done

Gift for her future Mother-In-Law…Done

Finish Three UFO’SDone

One ... Grandson's Wall-Hanging

Two...Halloween Quilt

Three...Red and Aqua Quilt

Start and Finish Three New Projects ...DONE

One...Market Bag

Two---150 Napkins for Wedding

Three---Ticker Tape Quilt

Try a New Technique

One...Stem stitch

Two---String Block

Three...My One and ONLY Tutorial

Use just my stash…Failed miserably (but oh so happy)!!

Join Swaps…Failed but jumped on the Bee Bandwagon.
With way too many blocks to show for the year!

I am done early!!

Hmmmmm, Now what?

I know, I can get a jump start on 2011 with my first project.

My Wonky Christmas Stars Quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No design wall (for now)!! but this is what I have done so far.

Just one pile of fabric. they are all over the room!


As you know…


Onward to 2011!!!!!


  1. That is awesome work. Gratz to you, I bet it feels great to have everything crossed off your to do list.

    Also, I am really liking that Netflix themed fabric in your fabric pile. ;)

  2. certainly had alot of finishes and amaze me about how you are ready to tackle 2011. Whohoooo you go Jane....I am trying to clear the dust from you skidding along on those UFO's and finishes.

  3. I am extremely impressed. I have set quilting goals and hardly ever attained any of them....and I hadn't set very many, that wasn't the problem. Oh, well....SOMEDAY.......I will do better. I love your Christmas wonky stars and all the things you made with the fruit and veggie fabrics!

  4. Wow, you really did a lot! Not to mention the fact that you had an incredibly busy year too! All is good though. Congrats!!

  5. Awesome job! I have so many projects that need to get done I'm afraid to try to list them. Can't wait to see your list for next year.


  6. WHOHOO!!!! lol! I love your stars!

  7. Congratulations!!! You accomplished a great deal! Way to go!

  8. WHOA!!! Congratulations!!! And what accomplishments! You must be soooo proud!
    I am most impressed with your 150 napkins! That was tedious!

  9. I like the most impressive part is the 150 napkins. That would be mind-numbing for me. Great job on your goals!

  10. Whoa, girl! Nice work! Fun to see!!! :) If I put up a list like that, I would just feel overwhelmed and want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head!!! I am impressed!!!

  11. You not only set goals but you accomplished them too! Great job!

    Your Christmas Star quilt is going to be fun.

  12. Fabulous accomplishments, love the stars...especially the one with the little Victorian people looking into the window.

  13. WOW! I need to revisit my goals. To be honest, I don't even remember what my goals were... Thanks for the reminder...

  14. I'm so depressed. Just looking at what you have accomplished this year is overwhelming! Kudos!!

  15. Way to go, Jane. That is an awesome stack of finishes. Those stars are going to be fun.

  16. You are amazing. I am depressed looking at what you've accomplished.

  17. Congrats!! That's pretty amazing. I've never tried quiltng goals, but you've encouraged me to make my list for 2011!

  18. Congratulations!! That is just awesome! I wish I could be half as productive as you, Jane :)
    I'll look forward to your wonder list for 2011.

  19. Jane, I love stars too. Wow, you have veen so busy.

  20. Wow Jane! I love it all! Especially the fruit tote and the string block. Beautiful work on all of it.

  21. Congratulations on completing your 2010 goals. And with over a month to spare. I didn't set any goals and the beginning of the year, just set little ones each week. Love all that you have created!!

  22. You need to give yourself a big pat on the back!! (And if I were there, I would do it for you.)

  23. You go girl! Great job. You got some really big projects done this year. Love your new star blocks.

  24. You have been a very busy girl! Congrats on reaching your goal!

  25. Good Golly you got alot done! Wonderful!

  26. What a good girl you've been!!
    I don't even want to think about what I didn't accomplish this year!!

  27. Congratulations! You've accomplished a lot this year.

    I have to say, I don't set goals but your post has me rethinking them. Not the part about getting x amount done but I do like that you set a goal to learn new techniques and finish a few WIPs. I think I've always thought of goals in terms of production but your goal of learning new techniques is in terms of learning. I quite like that!


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