Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How Do You Find Out About.....

Quilt Alongs?  How do you find them?  I blog hop.  I even try google.  But has anyone even found a blog or flickr page that hosts up-coming quilt along? There are swaps pages, bee pages, fabric in search of pages, blog hop pages, but I have yet to find quilt along pages.
I know we cannot be all over the web and I love quilt alongs. 
I really do not want to miss the chance to play.
I bet there will be quilt a few starting in 2015.  
Where do you look?


  1. I always have an eye out for QAL or BOM or Sew Alongs - I haven't found a site yet that lists them, but I catch things on other blogs, fabric sites, etc... I haven't seen anything for 2015 yet. What I find I do put on my sidebar.

  2. I really only find out about them by reading other blogs and there are various groups that I belong to where I might hear about a QAL, SAL or BOM and then go on a search. Seems like Facebook has been having alot of groups start up so you might find something there.

  3. I search on pinterest sometimes, I add the year to my search otherwise most of the results are old. Of course, lots have still finished, but it cuts out some.
    This website has a list of sewalongs:
    I also know of this quilt along starting in a few days if you're interested:

  4. I see them on other blogs or when participants write about it.... I'm in the planning stages of one btw ;)

  5. When ya find one....let me know! I want to play along with ya!

  6. I just joined the Quilter's Garden BOM swap. There is a link button on my side bar. It just started on the 1st of September so plenty of time to join. There are 4 sewing machine blocks that were emailed to the participants. You can choose to swap a block with only one or up to 6. Check it out. The blocks are darling!

  7. I am just now starting the flowering snowball which is over! I like the block and will have my own little SAL!
    I too would love to find a site.

  8. Could set up a google alert maybe for Sew alongs? I started one and fell by the way side hahahahaha

  9. Good question! If you find any, let me know and I will do the same. =)

  10. Hey Jane,
    I read this the other day and somehow forgot to tell you that I just somehow come across quilt alongs mostly from other blogs.
    Have you seen this one? You have to sign up for the instructions if you want to do it. I am planning on doing it.

  11. I just find them by luck visiting other blogs. Temecula has started a letter sew along which I am going to start this week.


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