Thursday, September 4, 2014

Starter Kit for Farmer's Wife Quilt

Karen from Laugh Yourself into Stitches, you know, the wonderful lady who is doing the Farmer's Wife Revival Classes I am participating in, asked if I would like to make up a Farmer's Wife Flower Sugar Fabric starter kit for quilters.

Many beautiful Farmer's Wife Quilts are made with period fabrics.  
I however march to my own drum.  
I decided to use Flower Sugar from Lecien.
I have posted my progress on this quilt before but here is a sampling of some of my blocks.

If you like the look of this fabric combination I have a start up kit listed in both of my shops.  

30 fat eigths of Flower sugar for 49.99  Free USA shipping

or if you would like more

30 fat quarters of Flower Sugar for $100.  plus free USA shipping.

Karen is starting a new facebook group
 Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Challenge 2014

Information about Karen's wonderful classes can also be found on .....

Or directly from her blog  HERE

I LOVE every second of making these blocks!  and I know you will too!

Thank you Karen for inviting me to share my love of fabric with others. 


  1. They look beautiful all laid out together.
    Any progress with the the x and plus quilt yet? Im afraid I haven't done any more with mine yet.

  2. I just love Flower Sugar. When ever I can get my farming going those are the fabrics I want to use. Hope you have a wonderful week my dear.

  3. I am in love with your cheerful colorful quilt blocks! Beautiful fabrics, Jane!!

  4. What a beautiful and cheerful quilt blocks! I just love these designs and fabric. Keep doing like these wonderful blocks.

  5. I just popped in for a quick tour of your blog. These super cuties caught my eye! Now I'll be hopping over to your shop!


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