Saturday, December 18, 2010

Out with the old and in with new new!!!

What a great way to start the Holidays and a wonderful way to bring in 2011.
Our rooms are done!!
Well, minus the plantation shutters for the windows!!
Well, minus any new furniture!
YET, a queen size sofa couch is in the works.
Oh and for my room, for now I am going to use old tables, shelves, desks, and my husband’s old dental cabinet.
Anything I can get my hands on for my room!!
And you know what?
I am so happy because it is


Someday, slowly I will replace old with new but for now, I am on cloud nine.

A retrospect in pictures….

And I cannot forget all my new beautiful, wonderful light!!!!!

What a wonderful adventure thank you for joining me in the process!!


  1. Wow, wonderful and I am sure you will enjoy every minute creating in your new space.
    Merry Christmas

  2. It has been fun seeing the before and after photos. It is exiting.

  3. I am soooo excited for sure to show us after you get it all set up.!! Looks wonderful!

  4. It's going to be wonderful Jane.
    Lots of creative space..
    Julia ♥

  5. It does look fabulous! Isn't it wonderful to have such a special place to create?

  6. Oh Jane, how exciting. Just to move in is going to be special. I am so excited for you. Enjoy your new space, I know some really great and marvelous things will come from that space.

    Wanda Correll

  7. It has been such fun watching the progress on your room!!! Have fun decorating it!!!

  8. It looks wonderful Jane. What a nice Christmas present to have all the noise and clutter of remodeling out of the way.

  9. What a wonderful space! ENJOY!!! ...Karen

  10. Well Merry Christmas to YOU! Your new space looks so wonderful! The blue you picked is almost exactly the blue in my downstairs too, and I have white trim which I fresh and bright! You will have such fun setting it all up and then getting to use it. Can't wait to see it when it's all put together!


  11. What a WONDERFUL space you will have!!! I'm sure you are practically jumping out of your skin with excitement and I can't blame you one bit!!!!!

  12. Looking down from Cloud 9 you live in a beautiful world - enjoy!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  13. Looks marvelous Jane! Love your new sewing space! :-)

  14. It's been great to see your dream studio shaping up. Cheers to new beginnings in the New year :-)

  15. You are so lucky! Looking forward to seeing it when you are all set up!

  16. How absolutely wonderful! So so happy for you. Enjoy!

    And have a great holiday season - talk to you again in the new year!!

    Hugs - Shari

  17. It's gorgeous Jane! And now the fun really begins!!!

  18. What a beautiful shade of blue. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

  19. Great to have your own space designed just the way you want it. Congrats! Let's see more pics. after you get it all finished. Merry Christmas!

  20. Wow Jane, How exciting for you a new space to call your own. Love the full wall closet for your fabrics. The photo's look fantastic. You have a blessed Christmas!


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