Thursday, April 1, 2010

How much can a girl take!!!!!

I mean really, how much can one girl take!!

Last week the computer virus.
This week: Monday the desktop computer dies!

Monday night as we were all blissfully asleep all our services stopped. We awoke to.....

No TV... not to bad

No phone....Heaven


No internet..........ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!!

So, it is Thursday afternoon and all is finally up and running, all emails are caught up, all sales and orders caught up


There are over 100 posts in my Google reader, not so sure if can catch up with them.



  1. Yikes is right! I had water in the basement, but got it cleaned up. No internet would put me over the edge! LOL :-) Have a happy day!

  2. Hang in there. It could be worse...the toilets could be overflowing. :o)

  3. A few girls are having that trouble here too...No internet is the pits!!
    I would have big withdrawls if that happened to me!
    Good luck that it stays on now!
    Julia ♥

  4. Jane, they say it happens in three's, but I think your past that. Gotta get better. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

  5. What a bummer!!!! Glad you are back up and running again.

  6. Oh, no! Not again!
    Without Internet I would be totally lost. So glad that everything is fixed now.

  7. Oh, Jane - me too! I've managed to get my Internet running but no Outlook Express - so wonderful to have some great mags to while away the time - gorgeous pink bunnies, too - thanks!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  8. Something must be in the air. Last week the mainframe on Mr. Cactus' 18 month old computer went kaput. Then our other computer in the family room had a virus. The only fully operational computer in the house is my laptop, that has now been taken over by Mr. Cactus for his work, and my 18 year old to get his homework done.
    Really limits a girls blog time.

  9. Oh No! Makes you want to bury yourself in bed and wait til next week hoping it gets better.

    I'm trying to catch up on 400 posts right now :(


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