Tuesday, January 31, 2012



This past weekend I continued to work on The Quilters Palette Quilt.
I had enough yellow to make two blocks.

Up next...


Happy Sewing!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a thought for Thursday.......

What Thursday means to me...
I know I have mentioned that I get the wonderful privilege of watching my grand- babies 3 mornings a week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  I adore every minute (yes, even helping with potty training), but by noon I am tired! The thought of hitting the sewing machine, no way! So on those evenings I do my stitching.
I wake up Thursday, a little sad as I have no babies BUT I dive into  sewing. I try to work from Thursday until Sunday!!
I think I would be called a long weekend sewer!

Today I start yellow,
Here is the pile I will iron and cut!

I am also trying to design a birdie block for November. I have loved every block that  Little Miss Shabby designed. It was a wonderful Quilt-A-Long! I however,wanted to try my hand at a block. I used her February Birdies (minus the hearts and flowers) and added a  cornucopia, I may add the tree from her September block as it was so pretty.

Do you have special days you sew?

Yes, I have to get going, get off the computer, get off the computer, get off........

Monday, January 23, 2012


I started the Quilters Palette Quilt.  I started with the color I had the least scraps. Ideally I would like to have 25 different prints but the first two colors I am using, well, hard to believe with the stash I have, but I am lacking in these colors. Brown and for some reason yellow.
When it comes to pink, I could make the whole quilt and never use the same print more than once!!

So, Let me introduce  Mrs. Brown.......

Squares laid out.

Rows ready to sew.

Block done. Notice the kerchief girls! Also some of my favorite fabric, Katie Jump Rope and some fun coffee prints.

Next, yellow!!

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flimsy Done!

Now that my Wonky Houses are done I was able to move on to another project. I finished my flimsy of Sparkle Plenty. May I tell you Stephanie's pattern is wonderful. She makes it so easy not to make a mistake. I need to trim the sides then decide how I want to quilt it.

So, after a nice cup of hot cocoa in a beautiful pink china mug I looked at my patterns to decide what to start next.

Here it is.....

This is from Red Pepper Quilts and the pattern is
A Quilters Palette Quilt and I purchased it here

Tonight is...
Daddy/Daughter Date Night!!

So, while they are out, I will be pulling scraps from my stash and getting ready to start this quilt.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

We had a nice long weekend, filled with fun! The Chicagoland area has its first significant snowfall. Not bad for Chicago, the middle of January.
We live on a hill so all we have to do is open the front door and sled. Little T came over with his family and they and Pops (DH) and Maggie all sledded. Come on, someone had to stay in the house with Little M!!!

On Saturday we celebrated my FIL's !00 birthday, even though he passed at 95. It was wonderful to have the whole family together and share stories about Grampy. He would have loved it.

The rest of the weekend was devoted to laundry and Wonky Houses!
As you can see from my flickr stream it is filled with Wonky Houses so I will show you just a few.

The Wonky Houses are done, so now on to other projects.
 Have a wonderful day.

P.S.  I am on the lookout for a Charm Pack or scrap pack of Katie Jumps Rope. Any idea where to look, or want to trade for thread? Thanks!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not again!!!!

Comment Problems again!!
Oh no!
I hope if I just wait they will go away!
I am not ignoring you my dear friends, really I am not.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Now that all my Christmas gifts are finished and in the hands of loved ones, I have had some time for stitching.  Did I ever mention,(about a million times)  that
I LOVE TV and Movies!!
So, at night snuggled under one of my quilts I stitch and watch!
Tonight Project Runway, and if you are a fan as I am, what is with all the changes!!
No likie'!!!

Here are two that I have finished.

October Birdie Block. I am getting there...

And one of the larger blocks for the Winter Wonderland.

Night, off to watch TV!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Arter 7 1/2 years!

I am taking down my shingle.
Janesfabrics is closing.
It is with a bittersweet heart that I do this but I know it is time.
Thank you to everyone who shopped with me, I am very grateful

Now, I am afraid you will not get rid of me entirely!!
I still will be blogging and swapping!
One cannot  quit quilting!!

I have everything in my eBay store priced to sell. Etsy is closed.
This is the price and there will be no further reductions.
All inventory is listed.
Of course I will combine shipping.

Here is the link.  My Store

I do ask one favor, please pass the word around. I would be very grateful
Thank you!  Jane

Sewing for me!

Yes, I have been sewing for me!
I have made progress on my Sparkle Party Quilt!
I love this so much!

I have been working on Wonky Houses!  I love house quilts of any kind. But Wonky allows you so much freedom.
Colors should not match (really)
Pieces should no be symmetrical (really)
and they do not have to have matching seams!!
A quilters dream!

I drew  patterns...
Tried so hard to make it into a paper piecing pattern
Nope could not do that at all!!
I wish there was a program where you could scan a pattern and they would number it for you!!
How sweet would that be?!

So I did some free piecing.

I have been trying my hand at raw edge applique.
I have never appliqued before but I like the freedom of putting pieces where and how I want.

I adore paper piecing and someday I will figure out how to turn my drawings into a pattern. 
Well it is back to school tomorrow for everyone, I love having everyone home, so it will be back to reality! But the good news is I will get to have my grandbabies for a few hours in the weeks ahead.

Happy sewing and have a wonderful week.

BTW  sale still going on at  my eBay store.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Quilts I can now show you!!

Well, we did it!! Made it through the Holidays and now onto a new exciting year! I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. I know I did! After a few days of rest, we got the Christmas decorations and the tree down.
The house looks so bare but soooo clean!!

I would finally like to share with you the quilts I made for family members.

First, my middle daughter. She got married a year and a half ago. As part of the reception, I made yellow and pink napkins.

 The few that were not used I scooped from the tables!
I had some left at home and had bought extra yardage with this in mind...

I wanted to have it done for their one year anniversary but was only a few months late!

Next Little M.
I have been showing you her pink wonky stars but this is the finished quilt.
Now hanging over the back of her crib.

Little T
His Dr Seuss. So bright and fun! He asked for red yarn for the ties, I made them extra long so he could "feel" them as he falls asleep. The back is the softest minky I have ever felt. It is also in fun bright colors.

All in all, the quilts were a success!

Now I am thinking next year!

Really it is never too early to start!!