Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Quilts I can now show you!!

Well, we did it!! Made it through the Holidays and now onto a new exciting year! I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. I know I did! After a few days of rest, we got the Christmas decorations and the tree down.
The house looks so bare but soooo clean!!

I would finally like to share with you the quilts I made for family members.

First, my middle daughter. She got married a year and a half ago. As part of the reception, I made yellow and pink napkins.

 The few that were not used I scooped from the tables!
I had some left at home and had bought extra yardage with this in mind...

I wanted to have it done for their one year anniversary but was only a few months late!

Next Little M.
I have been showing you her pink wonky stars but this is the finished quilt.
Now hanging over the back of her crib.

Little T
His Dr Seuss. So bright and fun! He asked for red yarn for the ties, I made them extra long so he could "feel" them as he falls asleep. The back is the softest minky I have ever felt. It is also in fun bright colors.

All in all, the quilts were a success!

Now I am thinking next year!

Really it is never too early to start!!


  1. What wonderful Christmas Quilts.....I am sure they were over joyed with them!!

  2. Jane, the quilts are just beautiful! Your family is so fortunate to have you making them such beautiful quilts. I love your "napkin into quilts" idea...what a special quilt it became! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The quilts look wonderful! The wedding napkin quilt is wonderful. A great way to remember a special day.

  4. Cute quilts! Especially like your Dr. Seuss quilt.

  5. Absolutely beautiful!! I love those pink wonky stars :)

  6. Jane they are just awesome! I'm impressed with your napkin quilt since I never think ahead. What a wonderful idea! And your two little ones will treasure these I know. I love watching mine drag around something I've made for them. This year it was travel pillow cases with a handle for carrying and a pocket for books or IPods, complete with a new pillow. They loved need to keep this idea in mind for later. :) I hope your new year is especially joyful. blessings, marlene

  7. Such cute colorful quilts!! I'm ready to move on from the Holidays and get busy with some fun sewing! I'm looking forward to your wonky house swap! I'm in another swap with a storybook theme so I'm planning to combine the two to make my work less intensive and still fulfill the swap challenge ex: My first challenge in swap no. one is to dress a pig from the Three Little Pigs story swap two (yours) is wonky houses so what better way to combine than to have 3 little pigs with each of them having their very own wonky house?!!! What do you think? I've got to work out the details but that's the general idea.
    Gmama Jane

  8. Jane, they are so beautiful! And I'm more than happy to let you know when my birthday is... after all, it's never too early to start, right? ;o)

  9. Looks like the women in your family love pink as much as you do!

  10. Jane, these quilts are gorgeous. They are all so different. Such talent! What a lucky family you have.
    Wishing you all the best in 2012.

  11. Such fun quilts! Love the soft pink and yellow!


  12. Beautiful quilts and I bet they loved them.


  13. They are all so beautiful!!! What special gifts for your family!!! TFS

    Happy New Year!

  14. Beautiful! GREAT idea about the napkins! No, it is never too early!! I started my first gifts for 2012 on December 26th!!

  15. Oh, Jane! All the quilts look wonderful! It's absolutely not too early to get started on Christmas 2012! I think Christmas all year long. Except for the tied quilt, are the other two hand quilted?

  16. Lovely quilts! Especially the napkin quilt - quirky yet too fun! I'm sure they loved it. And of course, lots of fun for the kids to have their new special quilts.

  17. Each of the quilts is wonderful in its own way - thanks for've inspired some of us to get to our sewing, I'm sure! :)

  18. What great quilts. You certainly were busying making them. Love the photos of the grandchildren on the side. Little T has the most beautiful blue eyes. I haven't take the time to really look at other stuff on your blog.
    Great idea to use the napkins. I remember when you were making all of them.
    Happy New Year.

  19. HI Jane...well my dear your family must be all wrapped up in the comfort you stitched...all of them just Master T's....very cute...Missy M's is adorable and your style to a "T"...lovely stitching.x

  20. I love to make Christmas presents in January - usually because I did not get them finished in December. I always feel so proud for getting ahead of myself. Hee, hee. All lovely little quilts and will be enjoyed for sure. Judy C

  21. Te felicito!!! bellas obras que realizas, me quedo por aqui, espero me visites, Danae


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