Thursday, January 12, 2012


Now that all my Christmas gifts are finished and in the hands of loved ones, I have had some time for stitching.  Did I ever mention,(about a million times)  that
I LOVE TV and Movies!!
So, at night snuggled under one of my quilts I stitch and watch!
Tonight Project Runway, and if you are a fan as I am, what is with all the changes!!
No likie'!!!

Here are two that I have finished.

October Birdie Block. I am getting there...

And one of the larger blocks for the Winter Wonderland.

Night, off to watch TV!!


  1. Wonderful stitcheries. I do enjoy stitching while I watch tv.


  2. dod Project Runway start a new season and I have missed it? hhmm I thought i had that one programed in to DVR! (i have watching live TV! I have to DVR so I can fast forward through comercials! LOL instant gratification!!)

  3. Stitching and watching TV are the perfect combination. Great blocks.

  4. Oh I feel the same way about Project Runway....they didn't even advertise that they were making all those changes. Oh well I hope the season still turns out to be good.


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