Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Plan.....

Did you ever have too many projects going at once? Too many UFO’s? Too many bee blocks waiting to “become”? Embroidery projects on the burner?
This is where I am now!!

When I first started to quilt, I made one item at a time. I bought the supplies I needed for that and only that project. I started at the beginning and worked until it was completed. Now, I am so inspired by what I see that I must do it all!! Well start it all!!

So, I now have a pile of, “must do it all’s”!!

Hmmm, as I get older I tend to get bored just working on one thing. So I needed a plan, a plan to finish what I started.  You know. the things we really want to make and complete. Believe me there are many UFO’s that will just stay that. But by working on those quilt projects I learned a great deal about quilting.

See I am rambling…. So back to a plan!

I sat at my sewing machine and thought okay, one hour of just machine sewing. Yes, just one hour and see what happens. (I would so rather be hand quilting)


By gosh it worked!!

I worked on a new Zig Zag Quilt,

worked on my Five Dollar quilt

and worked on my string quilt.

No, of course I did not finish then but I did not get bored working on just one project!
And progress was made!
OK not a ton! But progress!!


Tonight while watching TV I will hand quilt a Halloween project I am making. This is my reward for putting in my hour!!

How do you work on projects? One at a time or many?


  1. I must have your same DNA! This is SEW me!! I too get bored working on just one project and then I have too many irons in the fire. Good Post
    Gmama Jane

  2. I never have just one project on the go. I usually have them at all different stages, like one is cutting, one is piecing, one is quilting etc. Or I will have a cutting day and cut out a few projects, then have a sewing day when I sit at the machine and do them all. My mind doesn't stay still long enough to only focus on one

  3. If I could focus on a single quilt I wouldn't have as many UFOs as I do. It must be plan day. I posted my plan of attack on my blog earlier this evening. Up first is the Green & Cream quilt. But, since I know I just have to do one step and then can move on to something else, I might just get this quilt finished -- eventually.

  4. I always have too many projects going at once - But I do periodically finish some ;)

    I really like your Zig Zag quilt - !!!

  5. Actually my physical therapist says it is good to change activities to prevent stress on any one area of your body. I have several projects and try to rotate 15 mins to half an hr at each. Prevents fatique, stress, and boredom with the project. There are times when a project really rocks and MUST get done.

  6. I try to work on several projects, or else I get bored. But I find myself in your situation, too many projects in the making, all waiting to be finished... But now and then I have to take control over the UFO's and finish one now and then, and it's so satisfying to finish stuff, so I can't figure out why I don't do this more often :o)
    I usually reward myself finishing something, by starting a new project. Maybe not the best plan, but hey! We're having a lot of fun too, not only frustration, right? :o)
    Have a great week, and happy sewing!

  7. Seriously!! You've seen the bins and baskets FULL of ufo's - and the typed up lists! Dream on - so what do we do? We start another project of Civil War blocks! lol Someday someone will say - "did these women EVER finish anything?" Maybe not - but we sure did have fun!

  8. I do believe this is a condition of our age - and the amount of treasures we own. I will continue to blame everything on the amount of options we have - which creates projects with different attitudes. I love having my projects at different "levels" of completion - brings variety to my quiet and thoughtful life. Judy C sends out best wishes

  9. When we were without internet for a week I was able to accomplish so much. Not only was I not on the computer but I was also not on the computer seeing new amazing things I just have to make. Now if I want to make a new project I make myself finish a UFO first. Right now I have 5 quilts ready to be quilted. I have a new project that I just bought fabric for but I am being a good quilter and waiting until I finish those 5 quilts first...or at least get them quilted ;)

  10. Jane, I am all over the place, like a kid in a candy store.... I too get bored....lately I have been trying to finish things up but sometimes I fall off the wagon and need help getting back on...you know the older you get the harder it is to get up when you fall.....I guess I need to call in a crane to come and help me up...HA!!! Love your projects.....

  11. I work on many because I like variety. But like you I will work on one for a while and move on to another for a while and then another. Progress is made and eventually one gets done but what's the hurry? It is a hobby right?

  12. When I first started quilting, albeit a while ago, I would only work on one project at a time and not start another until it was finished. Then I found the inspiring blogging world and my policy went out the door...as I now have so many projects started, waiting to be started and swirling in my head.

  13. Well, I am inspired to set one hour aside today to work on a project that needs to be done... rather than my 20 projects that just looked like fun but aren't actually FOR anyone! LOL

    I always have many, many projects going at all different stages....and then I will see that one that looks so fun everything gets pushed to the side for a while --till that NEXT "cool" pattern is discovered!!

  14. Well, must be why there is a "sisterhood" of quilters. I was about to post, and I read Gmama Jane- she said what I was going to. Hey, could be triplets, separated at birth!!! Oops, now almost everyone is on the same wave length. I guess we quilters have more in common than we realize. Or else, I have to stop reading Robin Cook mysteries before I go to bed!
    I just finished my Zig Zag top. Was supposed to start Granddaughter# 2's quilt. OH LOOK- all those leftovers are about the same size- what can I do- well, designing another quilt. Gonna call it "Leftovers". OH LOOK- I didn't use all the squares, and there are 9 leftover ( all orange). Gotta be a samll quilt, table runner- or ?. Yep, got off the main highway-now on the sideroads-who knows when I will get back to the main road, but it is so scenic here! LOL

  15. Love your post, Jane! Guess we are all on the same wavelength! I have about five different projects ongoing...please elucidate: what is a five dollar quilt? You may have to do a tutorial on that one! LOL
    Jacque at Lilypadquilting (pen name Snoodles!)

  16. Jane I can hardly wait to get home and get started on finishing some old things! Of course I have a new project I want to begin but I also am determined to get some of those tops that have been waiting either on my machine or to the machine quilter - I'm on a crusade to downsize my sewing room a bit. I want it to go from the size of a hurricane to the size of a tornado. :) blessings, marlene

  17. I always have many quilty projects going at any given time ... and I am always ready to start a new one ... "the more the merrier" ... ;) Pat

  18. LOL. So my issue too! I have SOOOO many projects going on right now - and I can't seem to resist starting (or at least buying fabrics for) new ones! My goal has been to work on two projects simultaneously - one new project and one "old" one that needs finishing. My "old" project I'm working on right now is a halloween quilt top I made last year. Now I need to make the backing up, quilt it, and bind it!

  19. Seems like lots of us are wondering about the $5 quilt - I know I am, too! :)

    I'm right there with you - I have four quilts to finish for Christmas, all in various stages of production - one ready for quilting, one w/ the top 1/3 pieced together, another I've just started cutting, and the fourth is just a heap of fabric right now - this is on top of a pile of cut pieces for another jelly roll race quilt, the quilt I'm currently quilting, and a stack of PJ shorts I need to finish one of these days, too!

    With all that yummy fabric out there, who can stick to just one project!?

  20. It must be part of being a quilter, because I'm all over the place too. I have several UFO's and several want to be piles to start.

    Sometimes I feel like more of a fabric collector than a quilter.

    I think stephmabry hit the nail on the head, with all that yummy fabric out there who can stick to just one project!

  21. I'm with you. I always have many projects on the burner.

  22. Like you...I have many WIPS. I like the quilting stitches on your Zig Zag quilt. What kind of thread did you use? I have never made a string quilt, but what a great way to use up scraps (it's on my long list of things to do).

  23. I'm becoming the quilter with the loooong list. Yikes! But I'm not real stressed out about it. It will be done in it's time. Deadline items first, then the "whenever" projects next.

  24. guess who, I actually had a moment or two to slip out my ipad and say hello. love the idea of time frames....since I don't know have but one project at a time..I don't think this will ever be my problem...do you think? lol ps i like the string quilt I do

  25. My UFOs are threatening to take over! But I can't just work on one project at a time. Usually it's more like 3 or 4 projects. I should try you one hour method. I love your projects! What is a five dollar quilt? Those little pieces of fabric look good enough to eat!

  26. Oh my...must be something in the air! I could have written this very post! I spent some time today and yesterday completing a quilt I began over a year ago and I'm determined to finish what I've started. I have a pile of unfinished projects. My problem is I see something to do next and can't wait to get started...you know how it goes...

  27. I have lots of UFOs staring at me...just waiting for me. I haven't started quilting...yet...but the bags I've made are sitting, waiting, patterns already cut out, just waiting for me to pick them up. I tend to go in spurts...spend HOURS one day sewing and then no pick it up for weeks. It's horrible. I need to work in smaller doses; I'd probably get more done.


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